Life's Too Short Not To Feel Good


Tips on enjoying life and still feel good doing it!

People want things that make them feel good. So do I, so I get it. So, does this mean that you should just let yourself do whatever you want, whenever you want? A lot of us think that feeling good and going for pleasure means never saying no to ourselves.

That might mean a lifetime of sitting in your jammies on a worn down couch, eating chips...but doing that all the time doesn't give me or my clients the results we want.

How can you enjoy resting, delicious foods, and playing, while still getting healthy, fit and energized?  What if you altered your definition of 'feeling good'? What if you expanded it for it to mean doing what makes you feel good both now and in the future?

All we really want is to join doing what's necessary to get us where we want to go, while also enjoying the fruits of life…the fun, the joy and the pleasures. Well, what if eating well could be looked at as one of the sweetest things you could do for yourself? What if you created delicious and healthy foods as a gift to yourself? Instead of a punishment for being overweight?

What if you viewed some form of movement as a gift to yourself? Just think about all the benefits you would get from it and stop worrying about how many calories you're burning. I want you to achieve all your goals and dreams…from having the body you want, to feeling the peace you long for.

You need to start seeing the things you do for yourself as wonderful gifts, instead of penalties. You should eat well because you deserve it, it feels great, and it adds to your health. You should move your body because you love feeling sweaty and flexible and tired in a great way.

Imagine what you could achieve if you could look at these things you do as pleasure, in and of themselves. Because you deserve it.

Pleasurable activities will push you towards your goals with less effort compared to forcing yourself to do things. What will you choose in this upcoming year?  Life really is short, so instead of doing what you've always done, think about this:

  • Eating well based on what your body needs, when it needs it, is a pleasure.
  • Eating well because you should, because you hate yourself as you are, well…that sucks.
  • Which way will you pick to reach your dreams this year?

It's such a small shift in your perception, but it makes a huge difference in your outcome.

This article was originally published at . Reprinted with permission from the author.