Love, Cherish, and Appreciate Yourself

Love, Self

Take control of your life, don't let others bring you down

Most of us just want to feel a certain way in our lives. We want to feel loved, cherised and valued. Sometimes we go to great lengths to get these feelings from the people in our lives.

The truth is no one can make us feel anything. No one can make us feel good or bad, rather it's an inside job. No matter what anyone else does, how we feel about it comes from how we think about it. So, why not take the shortcut? Go directly to the person who can make you feel the way you desire: you!

You're the one who can love, cherish and appreciate yourself. It's so much less needy than waiting and hoping to get it from someone else. Maybe it's time to cherish yourself.  Go ahead and fill your cup. Go directly for the feel-good because it's the only sure way to get what you want.

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