3 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Life This Thanksgiving!


3 awesome perspectives with practices for gratitude that create greater abundance in our lives!

By Constance Aguayo

Chances are, you’ve fallen in love before. So you know that falling in love is often more about what you do and less about what you say; but both matter. When your heart is in the right place and your intentions are true – the actions of love come together with the words of love, in a powerful and unforgettable experience for all involved!

Here’s some (holiday) food for thought to focus a big helping of all of your creative, healing and loving energy on you --

1. Love All That You Have Created Up to Now

Your life and all that surrounds you is the result of your effort and accomplishments up to now. Your lifestyle, job, your family, the meal and friends you may share your holiday with have one thing in common: You! Take a bow and appreciate that you are an inspired creator in your world.

Appreciation for what you have now feels good. You feel it and the people you express your gratitude to, feel it. Everyone's ability to maintain positivity and hope for the future is improved when we notice what makes our hearts feel good.

Notice all that you love in your life right now and you will discover more to love. Open to a deeper love connection between you and the path you've traveled with daily use of this simple phrase:

 “Life supports me;

I trust in the flow and energy of life

to guide me to my highest good”

2. Love Your Light

This year, in celebration of thanks-giving, be grateful for your on-board traveling companion or soul voice. Your eternal, internal GPS whose accuracy is perfect and whose volume automatically adjusts in relation to your use. Get to know your inner life! The more attention and gratitude you express for your inner guidance, the more adept and responsive the system becomes.

How cool is that?

Thankfully (pun intended) holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and daily affirmations are available to all of us, without exception.

Seasonal milestones can serve as place-card reminders at the celebratory banquet table of life. They are ready, abundant, brimming with potential and able to nourish, renew and strengthen your deepest desires and highest ideals if, as mindfulness practioners assure us, we only notice.

This holiday is a perfect example of Life’s support for you. Reminding annually that, as Robert Caspar Lintner, an early 20th century writer noted, “Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day”.

Amplify your thankfulness tradition to include the divine power within you. Be thankful for your ability to notice and appreciate your blessings. When you do, you create more to be thankful for in the year to come. A daily practice of thanks-giving for your inner life and your unique expression of thinking and being is loving self-care at its best!

Fall in love with your divine nature and celebrate your love anew every day with this affirmation:

 “I am One with the infinite power that breathes me;

I am creative intelligence made manifest.”

3. Love Your Body Temple

There is a marvelous proliferation of information regarding the scientifically documented benefits of expressing gratitude regularly: lowering blood pressure, increasing the sense of well-being, and strengthened immunity to illness. Your health and vitality is the measure of your cellular life.

And well too, it’s been authoritatively documented, the very real benefit of praise and words of loving kindness in changing water quality and frozen crystals, restoring plant vitality, as well as academic and athletic performance.

When you speak loving praise to yourself about yourself with gratitude for your body, your abilities and your strengths, you improve your physical self. Cultivate a more health-focused mindset and improve your capacity to create and receive the good life offers.

The mind resides in every cell of our bodies. The love you send through your body and for it, with your words and daily speech habits, increases the frequency of your life energy to wondrous effect.

Try these words -

 “I am a timeless vision of vibrant health;

my body supports and nourishes me

as I lovingly support and nourish it.”

So whether you are 1 - falling in love anew, with the life you are living by appreciating yourself as the conscious creator of the bounty, prosperity and abundance of your life this year; Expressing gratefulness for all that you have to be thankful for amongst your family, friends, colleagues and accomplishments  --

Or 2 - for the first time, with awe for the still small voice of divine life within you, ever eager to inspire a deeper, fuller, more expanded version of you. Beckoning you to notice, listen and follow your feelings of gratitude this Thanksgiving and fall in love with you.

Or even 3 - in the now, giving thanks in advance, for your healthy, strong vital body, to come and loving your dream into form--

Here’s to your joyful expression of you in love, opening the channels to greater receiving and increase in your life! I'm eager to hear about which ways you're falling in love with your Life this holiday.

Happy Thanks Giving!

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This article was originally published at the author's blog in an extended format. Re-written by the author for YT. Reprinted with permission from the author.