TRICK OR TREAT; How to go from needing more, to being more

Family, Heartbreak

Escaping from the addiction to distractions and hiding and stepping into shining

We were so blessed by an opportunity to experience joy by means of luxury,
and international travel. Our family booked a commercial for a travel agency, and we were paid to go on a seven day/night cruise on the world’s largest cruise ship. Thank you, Law of Attraction!

Walking onto the ship was like stepping into a city. Just imagine a small floating
town of about 6,000 people in the middle of the ocean with everything you can imagine.

It was beautiful! Truly, an engineer’s dream. All of the details were so carefully
crafted both in mind and form. Seventeen stories, with floors that resembled the strip
of any well-populated city. Restaurants, Coffee shops, Designer stores, photography
studios, Bars, a gym bigger than the one we are currently members of, a mock NYC Central Park, with beautiful planted trees and flowers in stone casings. The ship was fully equipped with an ice skating rink, theaters, swimming pools, dance clubs, Vegas-style shows, mini golf, a carousel, arcades, ice cream shops, and even a casino.

Close to the end of the cruise, stores began laying out tables covered in merchandise
with big 50% off signs. There were designer handbags, sunglasses, fine art, and electronics. People flocked around, and stood in line to get in on this ”deal
of a lifetime.” We found ourselves walking through crowds that buzzed with the need for more. It was hypnotizing. Before even stepping onto this massive ship, every guest registered a credit card before boarding just to make the purchasing experience much more convenient. We started wondering to ourselves “Do we need this stuff? We should probably stop and take a look," touching a few items getting entranced briefly. Then we would have a moment of clarity, shake off the mild trance, refocus, and keep walking.

In a culture that is designed for massive consumption, how do we differentiate
between the need for more, and the desire to BE more? Trick or treat! The trick is the illusion that someone, or something ‘out there’ is going to make us ok. This belief system, our BS, makes us susceptible to the disease of more. More money, more friends, more stuff, more accomplishments, more attention, more food, more sex, more EVERYTHING. This relationship is bound to lead to disappointment.

Every fleeting moment of joy we experienced, by getting something we thought
we needed, never gave either one of us something that was sustainable. We were
on an unconscious mission to be fixed. That idea of needing to be fixed is one that
needs some careful, loving investigation. The truth is this; there is nothing to fix. We
are not broken, sick, damaged, and terrible.

So, if there’s nothing to fix, why would we consider going inwardly and doing transformation work? Because it’s about remembering. Remembering the truth about what we are. We are that two-year-old child, you see playing freely, fully self-expressed, connected to the moment full of joy and wonder. In order to do this, it is necessary to unpack and dismantle all the belief systems (BS) within our consciousness that are rooted in fear, and lack that drive us into that unconscious need for more. 

We are consciousness, energy with focus, and we have the creative power to align/transform/ transmute ourselves into whatever creation we feel impassioned to become. Think of Steve Jobs and Apple. Elon Musk and SpaceX. Gandhi and a free nation. When we are unconscious we have no choice! We are running on BS, that is old, outdated and small.

By design, we are created for expansion. All you have to do is look to the cosmos
as your greatest example. We are the full expansion of the universe in the drop of
a human BEING. When we go inside and heal those places in us that have been
wounded, we have that opportunity to remember what we are. We get to let go of our addiction to distractions and hiding, and step into shining! 

We get that, at our core, we are love, abundance, and oneness. When we surrender
more and more to this truth the external stuff sorts itself out and we no longer
have to work tirelessly at making it all happen. We create our intentions, do the
inside work, and let the Universe sorted out the details.

Happy Halloween! May we continue to love on those places within us that feel
like ghouls, goblins, and monsters. May we not shame ourselves for any of those
skeletons we have kept in our closets. May we come to understand that we are the
darkness AND the light. Rather than say “be safe,” as we tend to do on Halloween,
we say to you: Walk in love, and know that you are safe.

This article was originally published at Reprinted with permission from the author.