My Husband Is A Sex Addict, But He Isn't Addicted To Me

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Heartbreak, Sex

I never felt less sexy than I do being married to an addict.

As a former bikini calendar model, I know first hand the power of sex.

I had always been that woman in the magazines that boyfriends and husbands would lust after. I felt good about my sexiness. I felt good about myself.

Then I married a sex addict.

Maybe it’s irony or karma. But it doesn’t matter what I call it — it equals pain. Crushing, drop-me-to-my-knees pain. The kind of pain that rips apart my self-esteem.

It didn’t matter anymore if other men desired me. I just wanted my husband to desire me and only me. But he didn’t. He doesn’t. He desires other women in bikini calendars, magazines … and ultimately online porn.

As a little girl, I always loved playing dress-up and pretending here was a prince who was coming to save me because he thought I was the most beautiful girl in the world. Maybe that’s part of what drew me to modeling — the longing as a woman for men to pursue, to fight for and to desire me.

It’s not that I was living in a fantasy or wishing for the fairytale happy ending. I wanted someone to think I was precious and beautiful enough that they needed no one else.

But you don’t get that when married to a sex addict — at least not until he’s in recovery.

The biggest irony for me, as a former model, I was (maybe still am) the object of other men’s fantasies, just not my husband’s. Other women occupy that place in his mind. I give him the real thing, both visually and sexually, not because I’m trying to “win” his attention over porn. That’s just who I am and who I’ve always been.

You may think I sound conceited or full of myself, but I’m really not. I have flaws. All women do. I’m simply stating facts. I’m desired, wanted and fantasized about by men I’ve never been with nor ever want to have. But the man I desire, want and am sexually attracted to fantasizes about other women.

It’s a rude awakening to really think about my life and modeling coming full circle like this and kicking me in the ass.

I want to go back to sleep and forget the last few years ever happened but I can’t. I have to face the wreckage of my choices and of his choices. I have to hope that maybe one day soon I’m the woman who occupies my husband’s thoughts and fantasies. I don’t want to share it with other women.

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This article was originally published at compulsionsolutions.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.