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6-10 years


Madison WI 53705 - United States



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Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, YourTango Expert Partner

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All areas, please inquire



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Don't sit around and wait for prince charming to show up at your door. The only person magically showing up at your door is probably the pizza guy and he is too young for you anyway. -Kira Sabin

About Kira Sabin

My quest is to change the way we look at love and relationships, to help people create amazing love in their life.  Starting with themselves.


Yup, I am an overachiever.

I have been coaching single men and women from San Diego to Singapore since 2007. I am a professionally certified coach through the International Coach Academy and a member of the International Coaching Federation.  I have been a source and contributor  for Huffington Post, USA Today, Your Tango, Yahoo Shine, Chicago Tribune, The Frisky and Divine Caroline.  In 2010, I created the blog TheCollegeCrush.com to give Gen Y healthy dating/relationship advice and have become a national college speaker on the subject of dating with technology.

Job: Spunky Life Coach specializing in Gen X and Y Singles/Troop Leader of Love


Location: Madison, WI

Coolest Job (besides life coach):  5 years running activities on cruise ships.  Can you say Julie McCoy?


Things I adore: Italy, sushi, all things 80s, witty banter, the ocean, my Mac, red wine, When Harry Met Sally, good indie music, coffee, men with yummy accents, funyuns, Masterpiece Theatre, my cat Leroy.

Favorite Quote:  “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


Everybody has a skills set. The stuff that they were born with and is so easy for them they barely notice it. Mine is that I see people and situations more clearly than most. That I can see potential where others have given up.   Look into the nooks and crannies to see where you are holding yourself back and shift your perspective to feel happier and lighter about the confusing world of love and dating.  Give you that gentle nudge to get out of your comfort zone and create amazing relationships.  Most importantly, having fun through the entire journey.  Isn’t that the point of love and life anyway?

Now let’s get out there and get you some love.

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Kira Sabin Success Stories

The Team Dating Makeover gave me the confidence to get out and meet more people after my divorce.

Women starting over

Hey everyone! I am offering a $75 discount to all pro-connect readers on my new Team Dating Makeover starting the new year. Email me at info@kirasabin.com to get your discount. Here is what Jennie of Minneapolis had to say...more

The Team Dating Makeover that I attended with Kira really helped me step out into the dating world. After my divorce, this class gave me the confidence to get out and meet more people! The activities that we did allowed me to better visualize the kind of man I was looking for. It also helped me reflect on my own relationship wants and needs. I have been dating someone for over four months now and it is going well. Thanks Kira!

Helps You Get To Your Own Truth

Women who are single parents

There are three traits which I think are important in a dating Coach: authenticity, honesty, and passion. Kira embodies all three. Her spunky personality is genuine – she approaches love and life with a healthy dose of humor which makes it easy to talk to her. She's not afraid to ask the tough questions that I may not want to think about and she's not going to tell you what you want to hear - she's going to help you get to your own truth. With just a few questions and a few simple tips, I was able to broaden my perspective and see more opportunities for happy stress free dating.more

Tai - Philadelphia, PA

I Have Been Avoiding Dating For Decades

Women starting over

Kira, I've been doing my eye-opening exercises. Wow. Your documents are deceptively clear and simple. It makes it so fun to anticipate each day's email and behold the beautiful and inspiring layouts. I just can't wait to date, something I've been avoiding for decades. This is a really powerful process.
Mary Cate - San Diego, CA

Terminally Single But Now Open To Love

Single women

As some who is terminally single I have often resigned myself to stop looking at dating as a possibility in my busy life. What I love about Kira’s approach is that you start from a place of exploring what you want out of life rather than what you need to change about your life to get married. This approach is great for people who are generally happily single, but want to remain open to love.more

R. - Madison, WI

Learned More in Six Weeks WIth Kira Than The Last Five Years of Dating

Men seeking a relationship

I went through a six week dating makeover with Kira as my coach and confidant. I was initially hesitant and unsure that I would want someone poking around my business. However, through the process I’ve gained more knowledge about myself and how I date in this six weeks than over the last five years I’ve been dating. Her expertise will strike you instantly as she starts to figure you out and helps you to build a solid, positive base from which to start dating again. If you aren’t convinced, just ask her a question and her response will probably open your eyes more than you expected. I’ve recommended her to all my friends as well. Thanks Kira!more

Adam - Madison, WI

Giving Special Attention To This Important Part of My Life

Women starting over

How I looked forward each week to spending the time with Kira giving special attention to this important part of my life. The home work she gave me each week helped so much with the process. She was great in all areas of our relationship very supportive and thoughtful. Keep up the great work!
Jeanne - Madison, WI

A Guide In the Dating Jungle

Women seeking a relationship

I couldn't imagine a better person to walk singles through the ins and outs of dating. It can be a jungle out there, and Kira is definitely who you need to guide you through it!  She keeps it real, directing and supporting her
clients with compassion and plenty of spunk. She helps people not only determine what they're looking for in a great date, but also provides the tools they need to find that perfect someone. Her clients walk away knowing
themselves better and with the self-confidence that is much-needed in the world of dating.
Rachel - Madison, WI

A Clearer Head and Expectations Defined

Gay men

I wanted to tell Kira about my dating life just to get her input and see what she would say. After our discussion, I found my head cleared, expectations defined, and felt better about my current situation. I keep that discussion in the back of my mind whenever I go out and feel much more comfortable with the whole situation.
Nate N. - Chicago, IL

Small Choices Can Have A Big Influence

Single women

Kira is creative & strong & funny & warm & non-judgmental & honest. She is able to see the big picture, and realizes how small choices can have a big influence. Kira is willing to continually challenge her clients in order to create growth, and yet she is always supportive and encouraging.
Anne - Madison, WI

A Different Point of View

Single women

So basically I am a wreck with the beginning of relationships--however, after talking with Kira, she helped me simplify things in my over-active mind. She helped me see the situation from a different point of view and helped me realize what I really wanted and what I needed to do to get it. I finally was able to connect to the man who'd been pursuing me and now we're together and I couldn't be happier. Beth R. - Seattle, WA