Why You React In Fear & How To Stop It

Why You React In Fear & How To Stop It [EXPERT]

How can we help fear exit so that love remains?

When fear and feelings of being overwhelmed rise up and try to take over, we have a chance to allow it to move through us with a healthy response or a negative reaction. The negative reaction may look like a projection of emotions at someone embraced with judgment and blame. We may sometimes let fear push us over into self-criticism and feelings of not being good enough, shamed, or guilty.

When we take responsibility for our emotional body and know that our fear comes from our childhood, we can use the present experience that is being triggered as a drama to heal our past. This takes practice and patience. As soon as the negative feelings fired by fear are felt, breathe deeply and consciously until they are held by your neutral awareness. Breathe & Listen—Our Life Response Kit

In this moment and connection within, the ignition of blame will halt and our usual pattern of verbal projection or mental reaction will not fuel the heat of drama. Our breath pulls us into our selves by creating a pause so that we can hear the negativity that is lying to us.

It is no ones fault and blaming or judging someone else for our fears is a bad idea. This someone serves us and becomes the one who is triggering our fear — that needs our attention. The fear was already there waiting to be lifted up.

When we blame or judge them we are missing the opportunity to release the fear in a healthy way. When the emotional pain is ignited, shift the negative energy by not plugging into someone and making them wrong or guilty. This is a distraction and a pattern we have learned since we were children trying to be good boys and girls for love and acceptance. 

By taking the present breath we change the habit from abandoning ourselves to care giving the child self within. The child is the symbol of our emotional body. Our time has come to own our uncomfortable feelings and shift our perception that we need another's love and approval in order to feel good. Texting Your Way To Love [VIDEO]

We need to spend time each day and discover our self-worth by allowing our emotional self to grow up. For many years we have been in distraction, blame, and addiction to suppress our fears and survive.

When we uncover the lies that our ego continues to use against us, we can see the light of truth that wants to live in us. We are good enough and worthy of love, peace and abundance. As we deepen with our authenticity, joy and unconditional love weave a new skin and our step is different.

Instead of stepping forward into the battle, we can first step inside with faith and embrace our own emotional battle that needs defusing. Connection and clarity will set us free. The truth is that if we take care of our child self, release fears and negativity, our authentic self will create change. When fear is dissolved love has the chance to open our heart. How Our Past Influences Our Present

Each day I observe the world around me in emotional drama and because I have realized this pattern I can hold the space for healing. All I know is that I can be part of the problem by plugging into it, or change by connecting inside my emotional body and staying open to my compassionate heart. 

My conscious breath is my life line and my healthy choice creates a daily support system to take care of my negative emotions and fear that is igniting the present moment. When fear is gone, love remains. 

The Inner Workout keeps me emotionally fit.

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