Turn On Your Heart Light



Are you walking around in your life waiting for someone or something to turn you on?
If you are, it may be short lived. Eventually the thrill will roll over blue berry hill and disappear into the sunset.

It’s time to take a look at how you can turn yourself on and instead of a vibrator you can change your vibration to reflect the heart light in you.

In the movie ET his light beamed with love from his heart and whole being. The hit song
“Turn On Your Heartlight” by Neil Diamond expresses this very beautiful experience.

I remember when I needed a man to make me feel good about myself or feel loved. It didn’t take long before the same man would end up making me feel turned off, lonely and terrible about my self. It always seemed to backfire and break my heart.

I would use my sexual energy to get attention or I would crave the sexual connection from men to fill my void of love. Shopping, money and fame filled the empty space and I chased after one dream after another, thinking that this too would be the love I desired.

In time this behavior and illusion became ugly to me. I didn’t want to be needy any longer and it was definitely unattractive and dysfunctional.

I got sick and tired of being abandoned, disregarded, disappointed, hurt and betrayed. Finally I realized I was disregarding, disrespecting and betraying my self and this truth woke me up big time! I was making unhealthy choices because of the negative lies of unworthiness and self-doubt that continued to keep me feeling uncomfortable.

I felt the void of love in my heart when the negative feelings of fear, self criticism, shame, resentment, anger, judgment and guilt would rise up. Instead of looking for a quick fix from someone or something, I would breathe into the feelings and connect inside me. My heart would feel closed and shut down. Breathing and acknowledging my negative emotions privately would continue to be where I supported myself. I would spend time with my emotional body and in time I would feel a space of peace.

This new relationship with my self created a new experience in me. Inner feelings of joy, well being, abundance of love and happiness replaced the need for others, things or dramas to distract or fill me.

Now I was turning on and my inner love light was opening my heart. I was more authentic and attractive.

I started to attract relationships and experiences that honored and respected me.
My love life was in me and my world reflected it.

I was different and the experience of external need shifted to internal connection with love and self-worth that strengthened my intentions.

It’s time to turn on your HEART LIGHT so that the world can see you!
Go to You Tube and listen to …..
Heartlight-Neil Diamond-E.T-YouTube