Take A Leap Of Faith

Love, Self

Life reflects the good, the bad and the ugly. Every moment can consciously connect with our breath.

I tip toe quietly into the deep space within this moment.  It expands far beyond my consciousness.  I am aware that I feel calm, joy woven with peace today.  The excitement of my future is dancing around this present moment. It is like the vastness of this gulf of water I sit beside.  I cannot see to the other side, yet I know the goodness of life lives fully over there reflecting my feelings right here and now.

When I think of my past I see the energy that has travelled here and there with me.  The turns, the valleys, the dark corners and the mountains that I have climbed. I see the times when I closed my eyes and allowed spirit to guide me.  I remember the times when I had trouble trusting and jumped anyway....taking that leap of faith.  Knowing in my heart that I was taken care of and that this too would pass. 

There were dramas, barriers, roadblocks and walls. There were opportunities and events that pushed me through or lifted me up.

I know that my belief of God's plan kept me moving forward even when it seemed impossible....I would breathe...I would connect...I would release...I would open....I would breathe...I would forgive...I would remember and this is my prayer.

Today I am breathing fully into gratitude. I appreciate the wisdom I have collected and I feel a deepening within. Here I am, I am here. Breathing, loving unconditionally and becoming more. My self-worth connects and strengthens.  I acknowledge my courage to know who I truly am. Every heartache leads me to  my blessings. I will continue to practice. I will breathe for myself.

When you are unsure of what is coming around the next corner or what the outcome will be take a moment to re-connect with faith.  Take the time to hold any fear that the unknown takes you to. Travel each day with the knowingness that you are worthy, you are taken care of and all is well.

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