Breathe & Listen—Our Life Response Kit


Become conscious of what is really going on at the point of emotional ignition.

Our Life Response Kit

Life has a way to take us into dramas and situations where we may find our self triggered with a negative emotional charge or reactive with fear, self-doubt, and anger.

When this feeling of being out of control rises up, anxiety can take over causing a sudden reaction that may not serve our highest good in the moment.

After the dust of emotions have settled, have you ever thought to your self? “I wish I could have done this differently” or “If only I would have stayed calm”.

Becoming conscious of what is really going on at the point of emotional ignition takes practice, as we connect to any feelings that are triggered within and be aware of what life experience is causing us to react.

Our world that evolves around us continually takes us to our inner world to journey with truth as we become present with our soul’s evolution.

As we take responsibility for what is going on and discontinue blaming anyone or anything, the whole experience of life can be a dance of awareness and an expression of presence.

The presence of peace, unconditional love, abundance and the fullness of worth.

Dramas and experiences of struggle seem to come out of no- where. Know that the other person is looking for attention. This experience is for us to give ourselves attention so that we can respond in a healthy way.

Here is a Life Response Kit that you will not want to leave home without.

Each step becomes an important moment in process.

When you see or feel a drama showing itself….


1 Breathe ...become present from within.
2 Become aware as you breathe…acknowledge your feelings that are rising up in you and Breathe.
3 Listen to what is going on.
4 Breathe and See with your inner and outer sight… know that someone else’s feelings are not yours…Breathe.
5 Ask questions without judgment.
6 Breathe as you feel the energy move through you.
7 Breathe into your open heart as you respond to the situation or person that is needing attention.
8 Breathe as you take care of your self.
9 Breathe and be the reflection of support.
10 Breathe and share this moment of truth.

Within 10 seconds you can be calm and centered with awareness and the presence to respond instead of react.

Every drama and experience gifts us with the opportunity to respond in a healthy way.

Our Life Response Kit consists of our Breathe and our Presence.

A daily prayer...

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As I connect to the presence of love, peace and acceptance, I am here inside where all is created.
From this place, faith takes me by the hand and the design of my future continues to weave in the space that has been waiting patiently for me to show up.
When I feel stuck in the dense fog of untruth, control, self doubt and fear, it is my ego and the ugly lie that ties me up with resistance.
I am the one who chooses to stay locked up or closed down.
My Breathing starts to insist on deepening and I consciously become aware that I must come back inside to release any negativity that confines me.
My Breath moves deeper into the body of energy that connects with my spirit.
The truth of my worth and compassion sets me free as forgiveness opens my heart to the priority of love.
Each step I take forward with the presence of unconditional love develops the confidence to move into the unknown.
To live right here, right now…in this moment…with full appreciation, gratitude and acceptance.
Joy embraces this time consciously and faith creates a vision that is ignited with anticipation.
I see it differently, I feel it with clarity, and I know it with my whole heart.
This journey has been personalized for my soul’s evolution.
The space in me has been realized as I release my past pain.
The lie does not desire to live in me any longer.
The lie of shame, guilt, unworthiness and feeling not good enough can dissolve.
I am the one to choose and in this moment the healthy loving choice is mine.
I support myself…spiritually, emotionally and physically…I am worthy.