The Lie of Self-Doubt


Relationships can take us to self-doubt and negative feeling such as "I'm not good enough".

Throughout my life many people and experiences would take me to the same emotional battle over and over again. I would attract the same issues within relationships and realized there was a pattern.  My self-doubt and feelings of not being good enough would create significant mood changes or reactions that would become uncomfortable or disappointing.  Over the many years with this struggle within, I could see how my judgments of myself and others would trigger this same conflict, taking me to the source of the problem again and again.

My desire to shift this experience brought me to awareness and a solution.  The truth was I believed the lie that was planted inside me like a seed that continued to grow in my subconscious mind.  When I didn't feel the love as a child, I would assume that there was something wrong with me or someone else and fear would take over.

I can see clearly that we have all had this same seed of self-doubt, unworthiness, and fear of not being good enough since our childhood.  I now know that this is the lie that keeps me a prisoner of my mind and the lie that stops me from feeling love or worth at the time of an emotional ignition.

The truth is that we are all good enough and worthy of love.  When I feel intimidated, blamed or judged, I can now say to myself, "I don't believe the lie."

During The Inner Workout exercise, I can visualize myself standing in front of the person who is reflecting this untruth and speak to them in my private space.  Pretending they are in front of me I can see them in my mind's eye and tell them "I don't believe you, I am good enough, I don't need your love or approval, the love is in me".  Once I express my negative feelings I can forgive them and myself and open to my compassionate heart.

It is our choice to believe the lie or the truth.  If an experience or person is bringing this lie of self-doubt or fear up to the surface, then at that moment we believe the lie.

No one can make us feel something we don't believe.  If we are feeling unworthy or not good enough, it is up to us to take the opportunity to acknowledge it, let go, and forgive ourselves and the other person, sot that the truth can live.  We are all good enough and loveable.

Dig up the seeds of self-doubt and fear and replant many seeds of love and faith.