The Goddess & The Nobleman

How do we become,inspire and attract this loving, passionate and safe connection.

The Goddess is the female example of living the connection of inner love, self-worth, wisdom, peace and strength. The Nobleman is the male example of living the connection of inner love, peace, self-worth, wisdom, peace and strength. When the Goddess joins together with the Nobleman, they are already ignited and connected to their own fire and the passion moving through their bodies. This is a powerful union.
Step into the shoes of the Goddess or Nobleman and feel the parts of you that are woven within these words. Touch that part in you that holds you back from feeling open.

Who Is The Goddess?

The Goddess is connected to her own natural beauty.
She allows her heart to be open.
Her energy is light and you feel her strength and courage
in her silence.
You know her commitment in her eyes and
her inspiration in the truth in the way she is living.
She does not wear her pain for the world to see,
she takes care of it, yet she is not afraid to
share it without blame.
She is not afraid of the future as she lives
present in the moment.
She’s connected to her life force which unites
her passionate living and wisdom as she speaks.
You know the beautiful dreams are reality
because she’s been there and has experienced it.
She has melted the armor around her heart,
feel the softness.
Her eyes see the magnificence of you
when she looks into your eyes.
She listens to you because the information that you are sharing with her is important
and she hears you because she knows herself.
Her silence exudes acknowledgement of her presence in the moment and her soul is giving you the
audience you deserve.
She recognizes your talents and lifts them up in her heart.
When you are with her you feel safe to be
all that you are.
She reveals herself to you as equal yet you know
that she is touching
the divinity within the Goddess that she is.
She does not have to convince anyone of anything
… she lives it.
Her authenticity creates a transparency and you
know that she lives from truth.
She trembles with you in her compassionate heart
as she believes in the healing of the moment.
Her wisdom comes from all the ages,
not from the intellect of the mind.
There are no shackles of control because she remembers when she once was controlled. She is easy to be with because she is comfortable with herself.
She will take you by the hand and gently remind you that you too
are a Goddess or a Nobleman.
We can recognize her because what we see in her is in us.
Remember the Goddess in you.


Who Is
The Nobleman?

Can we open our hearts to the goodness of men who have chosen a partner and family to find out more about themselves? The Nobleman lives within each man and life can sometimes disconnect this truth. Each of us can forget the qualities of the Nobleman when we are disappointed or shut down. If we forget the inner truth, the following commentary may remind us of the brilliance of this connection, available to every man.

The Nobleman lives his manhood with gentleness and quiet strength.
He creates a safe place for you to live and be inspired.
His eyes of love come from his connection deep within.
You can feel that he adores you as no other.
He is a brother to all of your friends,
and a loving father to all of the children.
He lifts your passion carefully in the beating of his heart
and he knows just when to take you to new places.
He is safe to be with because
he has created the safe waters.
He takes care of his own demons and fights
them to their death,
embracing them with his heart, and releasing
them to the heavens.
The Nobleman lives with his head and heart connected
and loves from his passion.
He knows peace because it lives inside him.
You know that he is a Nobleman because
when you look into his eyes you can see his soul.
He has no secrets, nothing to hide.
He walks with confidence because his self-worth is strong.
Remember the Nobleman. He lives in every man.

The Nobleman and Goddess reflect each other. Male and female energy take the lead when one or the other is needed. Each is both and one.