Weight Loss An Endless, Hopeless Cycle? Take This Quiz!


Are you perennially single or a bit of a hermit? You may be Clarisentient. Find out more now!

I glanced down at the scale and shame rushed up from my toes.

219. Me. Svelte Soul Sister Singer of the LIght.

I couldn't even look myself in the eye in my bathroom mirror. Before now, when my clients complained to me about putting on weight for no reason at all or swear to me that they never eat a thing after 4 pm, I really didn't buy it.

But now, after my mom's passing, my body packed on 60 pounds in 90 days. Desperate for answers and shaken to the core, I dug in to my Map...that inner landscape and the powerful Spirit Guides who live there. Once again I got a powerful jolt of aha energy that a clear pathway out lit itself up.

Now, years later, I am finally ready to teach the secrets that helped me release the excess and no longer needed weight and more importantly live happily ever after without it. Special emphasis on "No Longer Needed." What? Did I need my excess weight?

You bet I did. My life was so shaken and disrupted after my mom passed, all my old issues with food came flooding back in. Heart stinging because of the loss, I couldn't see what was happening....right in the mirror before my eyes.

The aha that is at the heart of my next book Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much, (which you will find in the stores March 2013 published by Random House). is that my "Clairsentience" was the squeaky wheel that needed the oil when it came to my weight release.

Some people, like me, tune in to the emotional environment of their surroundings. Like a sponge, without a filter clairsentients easliy absorb all the emotional energy in a room. You might find yourself perennially single or a bit of a hermit as a result, or like me, if you lose and gain weight in a dramatic way, you could be a clairsentient person yourself.

Here is a quick quiz so you can know right away if your issues with food can be solved the People Who Feel Too Much way:

True or False:

1. I avoid crowds like the plague.

2. I sneak or hide comfort foods from my family or partner.

3. When other people are arguing, I withdraw or leave the scene ASAP.

4. I cry easily when someone I know has a loss or disappointment.

5. I'd rather have a date with an apple pie than another nerdy guy.

6. I always gain weight when I am stressed.

7. I binge, purge or starve myself while promising myself I will stop....in the morning.

8. I feel like I was born in the wrong nest. No matter how I try to explain myself, I am always misunderstood.

9. I enjoy nature and animals more than people.

10. I am the person all of my friends come to when they need inspiration, but when I need support I always feel alone.

If you answered True to more than 5 of these questions, welcome to the People Who Feel Too Much Club.

As the old proverb says, "It takes one to know one." If you are a person who feels too much, you are in good company. With my proven techniques you will learn to manage your empathy, make better choices including the “body” cues that you have not been aware of and how to release the weight of the world.

Learning to manage difficult emotions will help you release excess weight like nothing else. Once you learn and practice my easy energy deflecting protection techniques, you will finally be able to release the excess weight accumulated on your physical body and live happily without it!

Action Step:

In anticipation of Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much publication, I am super excited to be offering Weight Release Energetix™ beginning in June as the next module in http://MasterIntuitiveCoachInstitute.com. All coaching students go through the class to experience first hand the exercises (whether you have the issue or not) to better help your clients. As an Intuitive Coach® you will learn how to apply a special creative intuitive process called IN-Vizion® to guide your clients to greater health and well-being!