Might As Well Face It...You're Addicted to Shoes!


Is your debt mounting faster than your closet is running out of space? Here are 3 steps to freedom.

I recently met a successful surgeon who bragged that she had her UPS guy on speed dial to take advantage of the free return service offered by a well known online shoe store. The problem? This same surgeon is tens of thousands of dollars in debt, still paying off her med school loans and wanting help from me to understand her depression, stress and compulsive shopping. My doctor colleague needs to get a hold of her self esteem issues that lie underneath her shopping addiction before she will ever experience the freedom she craves. Money issues are only a symptom of an imbalanced life.

In the Wealth Energetix™ module of Master Intuitive Coach® Institute training, I teach that in order to manifest in the outer world, your inner world must be in alignment with what you choose to experience.

Some addictions fly under the radar. According to about.com, "about 6% of the U.S. population is thought to have a shopping addiction. As with all addictions, shopping becomes the person's main way of coping with stress, to the point where they continue to shop excessively even when it is clearly having a negative impact on other areas of their life. As with other addictions, finances and relationships are damaged, yet the shopping addict feels unable to stop or even control their spending."  Secretly Spending? Know This. [VIDEO]

As you know, I make no secret of my addictions and recovery. I floundered badly in my early years with lots of addictive patterns and it is only through the grace of God and the 12 steps that I found my way. I don't care how or what the authorities say about "real" addictions vs. "behavioral" addictions. The bottom line is, if your life is being controlled by a habit...you have a God-shaped hole inside of you that you are trying to fill with shopping or if you are like me, men, alcohol, drugs and food too. 30% Of Couples Engage In Financial Infidelity

I know it hurts. I spent years trying to not hurt. Keeping myself numb kept me spinning out of control. Dizzy and falling apart, I finally surrendered in 1986, got myself sober with the help of other folks in recovery in countless church basements and rebuilt my life. What I discovered is that my thoughts were not only at fault (pesky rascals) but also completely fixable!!

Did you know that scientists have found a way to measure thought. I'm not sure how, but they say that you have at least 50,000 thoughts each day. Before I had my own awakening, most of my thoughts sounded like this: "I don't have what it takes"..."No one loves me"..."I can't get anything right"..."I'll never be good enough"..."Success is for everyone but me." "Am I Ugly?"—A Heart Breaking Video Makes News

I didn't know it then, but now I know for sure that this type of self talk is a form of self-hypnosis that surely and steadily convinces you that you are unlovable, unattached to Spirit and on your own. Before you add, "I'll never learn to control my thoughts" to your negative thinking, let me give you some good news.

Your self esteem is never beyond repair. Linked brilliantly with your thinking, Spirit makes it possible to adjust your self concept by adjusting your thinking. Your goal is to reconnect to your intuition and healthy self esteem is crucial to hearing from your guidance. Why is this critical? You do want to keep buying shoes, don't you? Do All Women Have Body Image Issues?

Remember, the Divine gave you the key to your success and when you're fully connected to the source within, you'll cast your net into the world around you, gather the synchronicities created to support you and move forward on your highest path.

On the other hand, when you don't approve of yourself, your Goblin, the still wounded part of your ego, takes over and harasses you mercilessly for your lack of self control. Low self-esteem keeps you separated from the support you need and disconnected from your intuitive genius. To rebuild self esteem and see yourself as valued and approved of—even and especially with last season's foot wear—it is a simple matter of choice. You need to take dead aim at your stinking thinking (Thanks Zig Ziglar) and with a take no prisoners attitude, create a new mindset. The 'Think Positive!' Experiment

Over all the years and the thousands of people I have spoken to, most everyone has no trouble listing their faults, failings and flaws. Most are so used to negativity that when I ask them to tell me their strengths, the phone goes silent. Now remember, healthy self-esteem isn't about thinking you're perfect—because nobody is—or babbling mindless affirmations about how worthy you are of love, acceptance and happiness. To get comfortable in your skin, you don't have to prove anything to anyone. You simply need to make choice after choice with a cool head and in the light of Spiritual Truth of which thoughts you want to think.

Self love and self approval bring immeasurable rewards to your life...even those fabulous shoes in the window if your intuition gives you the green light. Shopping will always delight you. However, when you are free to say, "No, maybe next pair" to yourself, you will cultivate far more than a momentary pleasure. Ready To Date Again? Take This Self Love Quiz First!


1. Do a Check Up From the Neck Up: Write a list of all of your accomplishments and proud achievements. Then, write a list of your personal strengths and talents. Now ask two people—preferably friends, family or close business colleagues—to create the same two lists. Seeing yourself in the eyes of people who care for you is exquisitely valuable. As you compare your self evaluation to theirs, breathe deeply and purpose to open your heart to their view.

2. Take Charge of Your Mind: Stop letting your mind bully you. Your Goblin has one goal...to keep you stuck and feeling separated. Your goal is to simply catch yourself being negative. This is such a simple step, many people overlook it. As I love to teach, awareness is the first and most important step in change. So, pay close attention to how you talk to yourself and notice when what you say is self critical. When you catch yourself simply acknowledge the thought: "Oh, there is my Goblin again feeding me a line of bulls**t, I think I'll choose to change the channel!" 20 Ways To Fall In Love (Or Least In "Like") With Your Looks

3. Meditate: I know I am being a broken record here, but I will never quit bugging you to meditate. Nothing quiets the mind better than sitting in an upright position with your eyes closed breathing consciously. Science proves that you change your brain wave frequency with this simple practice. Quieting your mind is an extremely powerful way to stop negative chatter and connect with your intuition. No excuses here, even if you just count your breath for 5 minutes in the morning and again in the evening you will profoundly impact your sense of well being. How Meditation — Yes, Meditation — Led Me To True Love

Remember, creating positive self-esteem always enhances your intuition. Sure, you feel good about yourself looking at a new outfit in the mirror, but that is just on the surface. When you feel good about yourself, your motivation to shop and your spending are not mindlessly compulsive. With clear intuitive filters, you can shop with wisdom and while you may have fewer pairs of shoes...you will feel truly beautiful.

Special Note: If you feel overwhelmed with the thought of wrestling control from your Goblin when it comes to self esteem, find a 12 step group in your town and get yourself some companionship along the way. You are not alone and don't need to face your addictions by yourself. 3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Self-Confidence

The Wealth Energetix™ module of the Master Intuitive Coach® Institute training, is personal coaching around issues with money, compensation, prosperity, right livelihood, spending, debt, the nature of personal currency etc. You will learn how to redefine wealth as it applies to your life, understand and integrate the ultimate experience of wealth so that you align yourself with the true reality of wealth.

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