How To Use Oracle Cards To Find True Love, Part 3


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Where are you when it comes to piloting your own love life?

Are you still single and pending lot of energy in the past? Are you lonelier than ever and about to give up on love?  Don't do it!

Today I am doing a real Oracle card reading especially for those of you who are feeling sad and discouraged about finding a soulmate.

Part 1 and Part 2 of this series teach you exactly how to initiate your cards and prepare to use them as intuitive tools.  Review the info if you want and then let's begin:

Join me as I create a Sacred Space.

“As I focus on these cards, I bless them and appreciate them as tools of Spirit connecting me to my inner landscape and helping me know where I am in this moment. Show me what I cannot see and confirm what I know so that I see my next steps to manifesting love naturally for the highest good of all involved.”

Card Number 1, Your Immediate Past: Into the Unknown: You are not blindfolded no matter what it feels like. Moving through the limitations of fear, or dread of another guy like the last one may seem like too much for you but you can do it. Acknowledge where you are. If you are in the Valley of Loss, face it and healing will appear.

Take a moment right now and let an unsettled memory of your Ex come up. Let yourself feel the sting and as you do, breathe deeply. If possible, lay the palm of your hand on the place in your body where you feel tightness. It may be in your chest, ears or jaw. Repeat these words: “That was then and this is now. I will get over it I just don’t know how.”

Card Number 2, The Place of Power: Spirit of Place: Perfect card for you. Echoing the theme of your past and yet situating you in a sure posture of success. Celebrate where you are right now. Native American Holy Ones taught that every place has a soul.

How does the soul of your living space feel? Are you ready to have someone move in....tomorrow? This card calls you to dive into your heart to find the connection to the Now moment. It would also behoove you to nurture the soul of your home so your partner wants to live there with you. (Feng Shi Tips for Freshening Your Inner Space.)

Card Number 3, The Next Likely Outcome: Movement. Put your seatbelt on, darlin’, things are picking up speed. When you have embodied the calls of the first two cards, you are automatically showing up in the Universe in a profoundly open and authentic way.

Stepping up to play the dating game with this fresh new energy is destined to get results. Get back out into circulation and let your natural magnetism have its way in your world. (Don't Give Up on Online Dating!)

Wherever you are on the soulmate attraction ladder, you can count on an Oracle Card reading to bring you a new perspective of your current situation. What’s really cool is that I got as much out of the reading as you all did.

Some people think that finding a soulmate is the goal. The goal is to create a life for yourself and your partner that honors both your individual Maps (will link to book here). Marc and I are lucky. We have a deep rapport that keeps us balanced, but. Did you hear that but coming?

My marriage will be 1000% hotter if I take to heart the message of the cards today and go Into the Unknown of the Spirit of Place. We really are all in this together. Single or cohabitating, nothing remains static. You will move to another level of expectation sooner rather than later. Once you nail the acceptance of the moment deal, your resistance to being married will melt.

Always remember and never forget, all of your power is right NOW, in this moment. May you be blessed with a blast of aha energy from the Spirit of Place right now.

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