How To Use Oracle Cards To Find True Love, Part 1


Need help to find the One? You can learn to read Oracle Cards and find your way to True Love!

Hungry for inside information and seeking guidance, people are still flocking to Oracles, psychics, and readers to help them find love.

In ancient times, Oracles were deeply mysterious and kept separate from the common people, many times only accessible to the highest ranking priests and officials. 

An Oracle was often mistakenly seen as a wild child of a female scaring the pants off the governing people and inspiring the wise seekers of the time. Sound familiar? Ha! This wild child has always adored the connection between the natural and spiritual world.

For years even though I felt like an odd ball and resisted my Oracle gifts, I couldn’t hide my light. People consulted me for my advice on how to find their soulmate years before I began doing readings professionally.

Over the years people have asked me to teach the secrets of intuitive guidance. That is why I created the Master Intuitive Coach® Institute. But well before the birth of MICI, I began teaching people to seek guidance with Oracle Cards. I love showing how to connect to the Spirit of the Oracle with intuitive tools and my cards are my favorite.

Having read for well over 40,000 people at this point, I know that people look to me as the expert and some may be intimidated to try to read for themselves. Please don’t let your insecurities stop you from using Oracle cards. Everyone is a beginner at some point.

I now have 3 decks, The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Deck, Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards and The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards and while all are based on ancient divination systems like the Tarot, Norse Runes and the I-Ching, my cards are specifically designed to be easy to understand.

Each deck has a different theme, creating these decks is one of my favorite things to do. From selecting the art, naming and numbering each one and writing the guidance given to my by Spirit these tools are my babies and I am proud of them.

Do you NEED cards to feel the love and guidance of spirit? Of course not, Spirit is whispering to you at all nature, on bumper stickers and even in your smart phone apps. But Oracle Cards are an easy and fun way to learn about the power of spiritual guidance and I am super excited to be introducing them to you today.

Soon, April 5, 2012 at the time of this writing, I will be teaching the Divination Dynamix™ module in the Master Intuitive Coach® Institute. and will jump in deep but right now here are a few basics to get you started.

Everyone struggles when faced with major life decisions like picking a partner. A fork in the road may be standing before you pulling strongly in two conflicting directions. One thing I know for sure, the more distracted you are by the potential obstacles in your way, the less likely you are to find the guidance that would comfort, lead and protect you on your way to love.

One of the simple benefits of the cards, which ever deck you use, is the physical motion of shuffling and handling the cards. When you use your hands in this way, you are stimulating parts of your brain that calm and soothe. Plus, when you simply look at the cards focusing on the beauty you will tune into a higher frequency automatically.

When you unseal your Oracle deck, it helps to treat it as a special occasion. Light a candle and find a quiet space. These cards will become your personal guides and you want to get to know them. You may find that the cards are a bit sticky or stiff in their newness... kind of like you in your current situation, right? Go through the deck and enjoy the artwork. See which symbols strike you.

Read the guide book with openness and curiosity. Your new cards have a divine purpose. They are in your hands to guide you on your path. The better you get to know them, the more depth you will experience with your readings.

Remember, the point is not to predict the future or tell you yes or no. As I have said countless times, your soul has a journey and a purpose that is always drawing you forward and your cards will serve you on that Divine Journey.

When you set your intention to find what is in your highest good, your soul and intuition guide you to select cards that serve you in the present moment. Remember, your future love life is in your choices. Taking time to seek the wisdom of your Oracle cards will always pay off. In the next article of this series, I will teach you how to actually do a reading but for now, go ahead, make yourself a cup of tea and get to know the Spirit of your new cards.

How would you like to be a Certified Master Oracle Card Coach? Certification Training Begins April 5, 2012. The Master Oracle Card Coach certification program consists of a six-week online home study course, followed by a four-day in person intensive in Boston, MA, May 17th-20th, 2012. You can find registration information right here: