Feeling Worried Or Uncertain This Holiday Season?


What are you willing to do to rise above your uncertain circumstances and live the life you deserve?

With 2012 rapidly approaching, I hear many people talking about how uncertain they are about the future. Uncertainty about the economy, the upcoming elections, the environment....you name it. Is your mind running you ragged with worry? Is uncertainty stealing your peace this Christmas? Do you struggle to plug into your intuitive guidance when you need it most? 3 Ways To Enjoy The Holidays Without Financial Worry

Try this one on for size: Uncertainty is the only certainty there is in life.

If that is true, instead of avoiding uncertainty, what if you embraced it? What if you actually cultivated a "State of Not Knowing?" Your Goblin—the wounded ego within each heart—longs for control and certainty. If your world is built on a strident need for certainty, and certainty is actually just an illusion, no wonder you are going crazy trying to manipulate and control your world and the people in it.

Think about it. Is there ever a time when you know for sure how things will unfold? Even with your best efforts, you can’t control everything in the Universe. Jobs change based on economic and industry shifts. Relationships transform as people grow and change. Our very world is in a constant state of movement from moment to moment.

Even with intuitive readings, we're looking at energetic future potentials. As I often explain, the future is a mutable place that isn’t written in stone. And, like it or not, there are some things that we just aren’t meant to know.

Ultimately, the "State of Not Knowing" is part of life, which is yours to live and create in the now, moment by moment. When you get caught up in needing to be certain and to know, you become disconnected from your inner wisdom losing all of your power to create in the now. It is in not knowing, where you're connected to your intuition and the Divine, that you're most powerful.

When you surrender the need to know and dictate what you want, you open yourself to Spirit's messages and are able to intuit the next right actions for your highest good.

Years ago, before I understood how magical the "State of Unknowing" is, I lived in constant stress when my best effort to control things didn’t work. I'd take out some divination cards and ask for guidance. The cards usually told me to let go. "Why isn't Spirit giving me an answer?" I'd think with irritation and shuffle the cards again. Then, I'd get the same cards again or a more confusing message. 3 Ways To Avoid Unwanted Stress

I appreciate the humor of the Divine. Looking back, I can see how my Goblin would emerge and throw a tantrum in the midst of uncertainty and spin me off into a flurry of unproductive busyness. Even now, years later, I still can fall into the "I need to be certain" trap and then I remind myself:

Control and certainty are illusions. Living in the now is where all of your power is. When you find comfort in the "State of Not Knowing," you open yourself to amazing miracles from Spirit.

Try this exercise:

Write a letter to Spirit. Where in your life are you longing for certainty? Your job, relationships, finances? What are you attached to? Write a letter in which you hand over your longings to Spirit and ask for clear messages to help you chart your path in the now. You may want to write this letter in your journal, put it in a God Box, or even create a ritual in which you release the letter to Spirit by burying or burning it. A Single Girl's Wish List: 7 Must-Haves For Mr. Right

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