Living Cheaply: The Indicator That You Believe You Are Not Enough


How many times have you looked at your bank account and thought, “If I just had enough money, I would ________________.”

Have you allowed this excuse to prevent you from living in the abundant mindset?

Money follows your thoughts about it. When you live in lack, the Universe provides more lack. When you think and live in abundance, the Universe provides you with additional abundance.

One of my coaching clients, “Candy,” lived paycheck to paycheck, not understanding why she could not get ahead of her bills. I asked, “Tell me about the last time you went to a restaurant and immediately looked for the cheapest item on the menu.”

Candy responded, “Every time.”

“That is why you live in lack—you don’t think you are worthy enough to purchase something expensive. The Universe hears that you are in lack, and therefore keeps you in lack.”

Candy squinted her eyes and annoyance flashed across her face, “I am not ordering the cheapest item on the menu to be cheap; I am being responsible.”

I took in Candy’s answer. “So, when you order the cheapest item on the menu, you look for the most responsible item?”

“No. Actually, I search for the cheapest item, because I want to be responsible. I’m thinking responsibility while I order cheaply.”

I rubbed my chin and stated, “If the Universe gives back to you the energy that you expend, and it does, what energy are you moving with your decisions—lack, responsibility, or abundance? Which of the three attitudes do you think you convey the most?”

Candy pursed her lips. “I convey lack. I hate spending money on bills, look for the cheapest hotels, and rarely reward myself with anything new. Every time I spend money, I worry that I won’t have enough to pay the next bill.”

Candy did what most people do—attach lack and anxiety with money. Like attracts like. Whatever energy you put forward comes back to you.

To switch your energy toward money, tune into the feelings you have when you pay a bill. Before you click a button to pay a bill, feel thankful that you have the money to pay the bill. Imagine how paying an electric bill makes you comfortable in your home. Find five reasons to be grateful for the experience that the money allows you to have.

Pay attention to your money. When you get paid, take cash out of the bank. Take five envelopes and mark them with the following titles:

  1. Fun
  2. Savings
  3. Charity
  4. Emergency
  5. Dream items

Put cash in each one of them, then mark your savings goal, the date, and how much money you’ve saved. Find a place where the cash is safe and lock it up. Leave the cash alone until the next pay day.

When you’ve saved enough money for a vacation or your dream item, pay it in full without any guilt attached. When you can do that, you’ve altered your energy toward money. Imagine how you will feel the next time you need a new refrigerator, and you don’t have to panic because you’ve saved money for an emergency.

Your mindset affects the energy around money. The more you believe that you won’t have enough, the more spending emergencies will show up in your life. The more that you feel that you are worthy of living in abundance, the less you will associate with the cheapest item on the menu.

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"Living in lack is just another way of expressing that you are not good enough."  ---Coach Winn