Marriage Meditation: Overcoming Relationship Trauma


Four things you must do now.

A relationship trauma can be anything that throws your marriage into a crisis. Often the crisis is precipitated by one partner or the other, such as through a breach of trust caused by an affair or some other form of lying or cheating. Overcoming this kind of stress in a relationship usually is a process that takes time and may be complicated. Here are a few of the things that must happen:

1. The behavior causing the problem must stop

2. The person doing the behavior must accept full responsibility for his or her behavior

3. Underlying problems must be addressed

4. The offended person needs to work towards forgiveness so you can move forward

None of these are necessarily easy but they are all essential. Recognize that you and your partner may need help understanding and resolving conflicts resulting from relationship trauma. Sometimes a crisis situation opens up new possibilities so please take action now.

Focus for the day:

• Is there something you need to stop doing now?

• Is there something you need to confess or discuss?

• Do you need to forgive yourself and your partner?

• What is one thing you can do today to take a step towards reconciliation?