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A Day of Peace


What binds us together as humanity is much stronger and essential than what divides us.

On December 25, 1914 the guns of British and German soldiers fell silent, and soldiers sang carols in No Man's Land.  The Christmas truce during WWI happened spontaneously as soldiers on both sides heard their enemies singing carols.  A few brave men climbed out their trenches to exchange Christmas greetings and then began to exchange food, sing carols together, tell jokes, and even play soccer.  The unauthorized truce spread along the 500-mile Western Front, including more than 100,000 men.  It was a day of peace in the midst of war.

I think that is an extraordinary story that reveals a deeper truth known intuitively by these soldiers that only love and peace are real and sane and it is how we are meant to live.  What binds us together as humanity is much stronger and essential than what divides us.  War, poverty, crime, pollution, and other forms of fear and destruction are distortions and indications of our collective wandering off of the path of love. 

Today let us focus on what is real, pure, good, and true.  Let us remember we are meant to manifest love in the world and especially in our own homes.  Regardless of your religious beliefs, may you receive the light and love that is revealed in the story of Jesus at Christmas and experience the peace that belongs to all of us, not just for one day but for all time.


This article was originally published at Re-Imagine Marriage . Reprinted with permission from the author.


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