The Link Between Happiness And Healthy Relationships

Love, Self

I’m up early this morning because I put myself to bed early last night, it felt so good to rest. I think my body just needed to recover from a long hard workout this weekend.

My thoughts this morning are about how do we make it all work? How do we honor ourselves, love our partner, love ourselves, and ensure we manage everything in life? I’m realizing its almost impossible and it’s okay that it’s almost impossible.

Last night I watched a movie on happiness called, "The Happy Movie." I propped myself up in bed to watch this documentary on Happiness, one of my favorite subjects. I find the experience and emotion of happiness very interesting.

I noticed in this movie it really doesn’t take much, and sometimes when we go through a traumatic and devastating experience what’s on the other side can make us happier. I’m not advocating that we have to go through those things to be happy, however sometimes it is what it takes to “rattle our cage” so to say.

When I was cheated on I was angry, hurt, and very pissed off. I had never felt so betrayed in my whole life and I had to keep looking for the lesson to be learned because what wanted to take over was “blame and shame”. I often wanted to be by myself because I find it’s the best place for me to listen to my body, listen to my spirit, listen to my soul, listen to my heart. I even went into “my cave” to look deep within and I realized that I wasn’t honoring me, and I began to develop the muscle to honor myself and trust my instincts to restore myself one day at a time.

Looking back I’d say, being cheated on was one of the best things that has happened to me, because it transformed who I was for myself in the dating world. Now that I’m in a healthy relationship I’m constantly engaged in how do we continually honor ourselves? I’m also curious about what makes a healthy relationship. What would you say makes for a healthy relationship?


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This article was originally published at Happy Living Forever. Reprinted with permission from the author.