Why Being Loveable Is EVERYTHING When Looking For Lasting Love

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People often ask me why I preach and teach being loveable versus finding love and being in love.

People wonder why their relationships start fast and fade quickly.

They don’t understand why they are NOT fulfilled and happy with someone or with themselves. They question why their relationships last for a few months or a couple of years and then they have to start over…again and again.

People often ask me why I preach and teach being loveable versus finding love and being in love. It’s a great question. Don’t get me wrong, being madly in love is amazing, but I have noticed in my coaching practice that it is just not enough.

Too many things can dissolve the “in love” feeling or weaken it over time. The next thing that happens is one person says, “I am not in love any more. I want to be with someone else.”You try to find love with someone else and then the vicious circle starts again.

Does this sound familiar?

It can continue like a merry-go-round where you feel stuck going around and around. You never understand why you can’t get off the ride. With this comes massive frustration and a constant feeling of failing in the world of dating, love and relationships.

Some people keep pursing a relationship out of pure will and determination, and others decide it is not for them and quit. I can understand. I have been there too.

Sometimes relationships should dissolve because you were not a match from the get-go. For myself, I often felt unloved and unwanted, and clung to relationships that were not a match for me longer than I should have.

Sometimes, I was a complete jerk to who I was with, hoping they’d break up with me. I’d feel terrible about myself and then try even harder. That did not work either.

Why is being loveable the bigger and wider solution to most people’s dating and relationship issues?

Being loveable focuses on three main things you must have to maintain a long-term healthy relationship.

Being loveable is…
#1. Loving someone fully
#2. Receiving love from someone
#3. Loving and honoring yourself

In my coaching practice, I’ve noticed that the problem is that one or two of these key areas of being loveable goes missing, for various reasons. The good news is that once we develop these skills and make them stronger, a loving and fulfilling relationship becomes easier to find and keep. It doesn’t mean there won’t be bumps along the way, but being loveable allows two people to get back on tracker faster and with greater ease. That’s the key!

I have a client who had just started dating someone, and she wasn’t sure about the two of them. In fact, she wanted to bolt, bailing out of the dating situation. Instead, she put herself in my Lovable group class at the beginning of 2015.

After a short time of learning the different loveable practices, she is quite surprised that she is now receiving more of what she needs and wants from her boyfriend. He adores and cherishes her. They have a closer connection and bond. He is surprising her with nice dinners, and she loves who she gets to be around him.

When you are truly loveable, you are more confident in your own skin. Your ability to resolve issues with your partner increases because you can trust you can speak your truth and each of you will be heard. Being loveable gives you the courage to express your feelings in a direct and loving style. You can be crystal clear you are a great partner for someone.

The reason my clients are successful is they’ve learned the skills and practices to be loveable over time. This means they can be loved completely by someone. They can love another person fully. Finally, they know how to love and honor themselves too, which offers tremendous peace of mind and freedom. Isn’t that what it’s about?

Being in love is wonderful, but it’s not the only thing that’s necessary to keep love alive, healthy and sustained. The concept of being loveable is the solution to a lot of our dating and relationship issues today.

I think it’s the key to relationships starting out on the right foot and having a greater chance of going the distance. How could being more lovable impact your dating, love and relationship goals?

This article was originally published at http://digitalromanceinc.com/mens/in-love-not-enough-lovable-is/. Reprinted with permission from the author.