Single This Holiday Season? Here's Ho Ho Hope To Find Love

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Holiday time can make you feel lonely and hopeless. Capture the season's hope to find love in 2013

For some single women, the holiday season is the absolute worst time of year. Answering awkward questions from nosey relatives. Going to parties and functions alone. Not having someone to kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Another year has passed and you didn't find love.

I was still single at 40. I vividly remember the sadness, loneliness and disappointment.

Yet, this is supposed to be the season of hope and a time when people renew their belief in miracles. A time when:

  • Prayers are answered
  • Recovery is possible
  • Situations turn around
  • Messages are received
  • Blessings are counted

How can you get in on the miracles? How can you leverage the hope inspired by the season and turn around your situation to find love?

Start By Believing You Can Find Love

Indulge in a deep inner knowing that your life plan does not require you to stay single. Instead, the plan for you is to find love. To enjoy a loving, healthy relationship with the right man.

According to many religious and spiritual traditions, life’s lessons are best learned in relationship. So, for you to be in a relationship could actually be thought of as a “given”. What would that be like to believe that a loving relationship for you is not only possible, but appropriate and part of the cosmic plan?

Get The Fire of Passion Burning

Now you’re starting to think. The wheels are turning. A tiny ember starts burning and smoldering. And you know the old adage, “Where there is smoke, there is fire.” The fire of passion. The fire of commitment. The commitment to making a loving relationship a reality in your life. This coming year, 2013, could easily be your year to find love.

You can fight your perception of the difficult odds, the doubters, the man-haters, the well-meaning, yet unsupportive family members who bring you down. Even your own inner demons can be conquered. 

Transform your negative emotions and bend them to your desire by strengthening your resolve - you can find love. Get serious. Get committed to your love life. Shore up  and strengthen your beliefs in:

  • Yourself, your lovability and worthiness.
  • God’s plan for you. Why should that require you to be single?
  • A love that is real, joyous, healthy and most importantly – POSSIBLE for you.

As a dating coach for women, I would say that even though this season can be tough emotionally, you can turn that around. Yes you can! You can use the good cheer of the holidays to your advantage. Open up to those bell-ringing believers and capture some of their holiday hope. Think of jolly St. Nick, with his traditional Ho Ho Ho, and turn that into Ho, Ho, HOPE to find love.

To find love, some of you need to spend more time on building your belief in yourself and the idea of love. Others, need to meet a lot more men. And still others need to open their hearts to men, rather than having disdain for the entire gender. You know what the best focus is for you, beyond strengthening your core belief in love.

My Ho Ho Ho-pe for you is that you will leverage the hope of the season. Make it work for you to find love next year. Take advantage of the energy, inspiration, prayers and good will. Believe. Open your mind, eyes and heart to men again. Good men. The right man for you. As I share with each one of my dating coaching clients, he is out there, waiting to cross your path. Help him find you by getting out there. You can find love. Set your intention this holidays season to find love in 2013.

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This article was originally published at It's Never Too Late for Love . Reprinted with permission from the author.