How Dating Over 50 Is Like Playing Golf

How Dating Over 50 Is Like Playing Golf [EXPERT]
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Why you should relax despite all of dating's unknowns ...

2. You'll handle rejection and disappointment in stride. If you meet a man and he doesn't call you again for another date, then you can let it roll off. After all, you're just meeting new people. So, he wasn't the right one? So what. It's just one guy and you are going to meet many men. When you take the pressure off, one date with one man becomes nearly meaningless. Single? Why You're Crazy Not To Try Online Dating

I get so many calls from dating coaching clients after they meet a guy who doesn't turn out to be who they thought he was. Here are some examples of their complaints:

He talked about his ex; He never asked you one question; He just wanted to have sex; He has problems; He's unemployed; He is much older than he is in his pictures; He drank too much; He had bad manners; He was boring; He lacked class; He wasn't educated; He was shorter than he said.

My response is usually this, said with true compassion: "He is just one man. Don't let him stop you in your tracks. You just got started. Take the pressure off yourself and the dating process and go meet new men." Over 40 & Single? How To Exude Confidence

3. You won't freak out over an imperfect first dateWhen you get hung up on feeling hurt because you were rejected or freaked by how the man you met wasn't who you thought he would be, that is an indication you need to take the pressure off.

This article was originally published at It's Never Too Late for Love . Reprinted with permission from the author.