How To Become A Love Goddess Like Venus

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Single this Valentine's Day? Discover how to leverage the wisdom of Venus to become more alluring.

Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, is an ancient archetype for feminine beauty and romantic love. As a dating coach for women, I managed to interview Venus (granted, through a variety of unusual circumstances) to find out how she might help the single women I know connect with her energy and your own divine allure.

Here's what Venus shared with me:

Dating Coach Ronnie: Venus, thank you so much for taking this interview. I'm sure you have so many things to look after being a Goddess and all.

Venus: Ronnie, no problem, it's really my pleasure. As the Goddess of Love, it's part of my duties to help every woman with her romantic life and s-e-x appeal. Since I've been the inspiration for artists over the centuries, I certainly have a lot of experience with this topic. (Giggle and a smile)

Dating Coach Ronnie: That's wonderful Venus. So tell us, what is the best way for a woman to tap into her own divine beauty?

Venus: First and foremost, take time for yourself. Many women are well-versed in the mothering archetype, but tend to overlook or forget their own needs. Caring for yourself is a real method of honoring yourself—and that is fundamental to connecting with your inner Goddess. Self care is a form of self love and as the Goddess of Love, I guarantee that all love starts with self love.

To start, pamper your body with good skin care, a great hair cut and color if desired, and the right make up for you. Please drink plenty of water and rest. It certainly helps to eat right—lots of vegetables and fruit, along with your protein of choice.

Then, let's talk about heightening your sensuality. One easy way is to get a massage. Nothing like a little non-threatening human touch to awaken your senses and desire for contact. Touch is one of the most neglected of human senses in the modern world today. Truth is, craving gentle touch is part of our human design. Other bodywork modalities will also work like Reiki, Polarity, Therapeutic Touch, and even aromatherapy, etc.

Dating Coach Ronnie: What a great point you make about missing touch. I was single for most of my adult life until 40 when I started my dating journey. I rarely got beyond a hand shake or occasional hug from a girlfriend. Hugging my friends wasn't natural for me at the time. I didn't even realize how much I craved a man's touch, or even basic affection. So that really rings true for me.

Is there anything else to help single gals get back into their sensual nature?

Venus: Baths can be great. Luxuriate in a scented bubble bath, open a bottle of champagne, play some great music and treat yourself royally. Women today really need to know they are worthy and wonderful. Treasure yourself so you know what it's like to be treated well.

Dating Coach Ronnie: Venus, since you are so classically beautiful, do you have any tips to share on how a woman can increase her allure and appeal while she’s out there looking for the right partner?

Venus: I am deeply in touch with how much of a woman's beauty stems from how she feels about herself. Do you think you are attractive? Do you feel worthy of love? Believing these things about yourself is truly the key. Your mindset matters a lot in terms of being your most attractive. It really helps for single women to believe that love is real and possible for them. And I know that it is. Trust me, as the Goddess of Love, this is one thing I know for sure.

Know deep within your heart that you are worthy, attractive, and desirable. If you don't feel connected to your own appeal, then do something about that! Buy some new clothing that looks fabulous. Get a makeover. Start an exercise program. You get the idea. Whatever will raise self-esteem and self-image is completely appropriate. Don't skimp on building your confidence.

Here's a great exercise I share with women who seek my counsel for help with their love life. Actually visualize yourself as someone men notice. Imagine that you are sexy, catch a man's eye and feel good about that whole experience. When a man looks at you, he is admiring your beauty! Yes, he may have a few additional thoughts, but it definitely starts with his attraction for you. The more you practice this visualization and the accompanying good feelings, the more it will become your reality.

Dating Coach Ronnie: Venus, I can't thank you enough for your loving words of wisdom. I hope we can talk again sometime. And please do whatever you can to help all my readers find the love they want and deserve.

Venus: It's been my pleasure to share and I will do all I can to facilitate love for your readers this Valentine's Day. Cupid is my son you know, so I'm connected and I'll put in a good word for every woman who reads this post.

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