How Love Can Take You By Surprise


So, what do wild parrots and dating have to do with one another? I am going to tell you.

So, what do wild parrots and dating have to do with one another?  I am going to tell you.  But first, in case you’re not from around here, it is useful to know that all over California there are flocks of wild parrots. They’re not native to the area, so dozens or even hundreds of birds must have either escaped or were released into the wild. When you live here, every once in awhile, you will stop and say, “Look!  There go the wild parrots!”
This morning, as I do every morning, I was walking my dogs, Milo (a.k.a. Milto, Monkey Punkin, and Myron) and his big bro, Cosmo (a.k.a. Cosmito, Cos Montaz, and Schlomo).  My girl, Marianne Williamson, was yammering away on the earbuds that were connected to my iPhone.  I was listening to a lecture entitled, The Journey Without, which I’d downloaded from her website, Marianne was going to town as she usually does, telling me that I am just on the earth to love people.  I was all in my zone, spreading the love around, as she was saying that I have only one thing to do here and that’s love everybody.  Apparently, when my heart is closed, I miss the signals, and I’m not there to experience the love that’s right in front of me.

Just as Marianne said that bit about not experiencing what’s right in front of me, Milo lurched forward, nearly yanking my shoulder out of it’s socket.  Then, whoosh!  I saw a bright flash of green, yellow, and red as a wild parrot bolted from the bushes and took to the air.  It was so beautiful that I gasped and then laughed out loud.  Life had just played a little trick on me.  Expect the unexpected.  In 50 years I had never seen a parrot in the bushes, only in cages at the pet store or way up the sky.

This got me to thinking about surprises and how much I love them.  I mean, there you are, just moseying along in life, and out of nowhere, a wild parrot bolts from the bushes, or you sit down on an Internet date across from a stranger and two years later you’re married to the guy.  All those years of dating, one person after another, wondering if it would ever end and then, one day, he just shows up and sits down in front of me.  I think about all the agonizing I did along the way and then he just waltzes in and buys me dinner.  Just like that.  He flies into my world out of nowhere, just like that crazy little bird did.

So what’s the moral of this story?  Listen to more Marianne Williamson?  Possibly.  Get a parrot?  Couldn’t hurt.  Keep dating, opening your heart, and loving everyone around you?  Absolutely.  And remember, a husband in hand is worth two in the bush.

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This article was originally published at Lisa Shield Dating and Relationship Coach . Reprinted with permission from the author.