If you want to have an extraordinary, passionate, lasting romantic relationship in today’s world...

As a dating coach, all daylong I sit and listen to my clients moan about how much they hate dating. Welcome to the club. Sure, dating isn’t the most fun thing to do in life, but if you want to have an extraordinary, passionate, lasting romantic relationship in today’s world, you are going to have get over your big bad self and get out there and date to find one.

Naked Dating—my unique approaching to finding true love with nothing to hide—will show you how to use the dating process to attract an amazing romantic partnership that can last a lifetime. You will learn how to make every date count, even the bad ones. Naked Dating shows you how to go out on dates and practice opening your heart and letting down you walls so that, when the right person shows up, you’ll be ready.

Most people who come to me for dating coaching feel that they are ready to meet The One.  What I am about to say might be hard to hear, but if you really want a partner and don’t already have one, there is a good chance you aren’t emotionally ready to meet The One.  You might think you are, but you’re probably not. If you were ready, you would have already met someone. Before you go getting all upset with me, read on.

Love is everywhere, all around us, all the time, and it is available to everyone. If you have not found the partner of your dreams it is not because he or she isn’t out there.  You might not have found someone because, at some level, you still don’t feel that you deserve to be loved. This belief is causing you to push love away. When you truly feel deserving of love, you will draw it to you naturally and effortlessly.

The reason you need to learn how date and get emotionally naked is because this is the best way to uncover what’s in the way.  You need to clear a path for this person to come in. The universe rewards action, not thought. We create what we focus our attention on. Sitting around hoping this situation will work itself out is risky. If you take this approach, you might be gambling away your chance to have the greatest prize life has to offer: Unconditional Love.

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