Aha Moments!


What do you call those moments when everything seems crystal clear? You have no doubt about the direction to go to achieve or acquire what you want, the solutions to your problems suddenly reveal themselves and your concerns are replaced by absolute peace. What I’m referring to here are your “Aha” moments or those times when you are completely aware that success is just within your reach and you are about to embark on something huge. Close your eyes for a moment and connect with how great you feel in those moments. Pretty amazing feeling, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you just love to capture those feelings in a jar and save them so you could relive them over and over again? To have access, at any moment, to these experiences of extreme clarity and confidence success is already headed in your direction. Well there are various ways that you can.

When Delores was trying to spice up her love life she took to journaling. She started by listing the qualities of her dream man, what she wanted from the relationship, and the general time table. As she began to meet men she jotted down the details in her journal. Delores tweaked her ideal man list over time and ended up with exactly the man she was looking for. Her journal serves as a powerful reminder to her of what, or who you can make materialize as long as you don't skimp on the details. Delores now regularly journals and is in what she considers "the perfect" relationship.

Sinthia experiences most of her Aha moments after meditation. She finds that when she takes herself to a place and lets go of the problem and the pressure of the problem, that she is able to open herself up to the myriad of potential solutions. In fact she says that when she brings a problem with her to meditation, there are always multiple solutions to her problem when she is ready to address it. But often, Sinthia finds that a single solution seems to materialize for her with such unwavering clarity that she always knows that it is her ideal solution. Sinthia uses various types of meditations depending on her mood, but says that she writes down what she experiences as soon as her sessions are over using her five senses sight, smell, taste, hear, and touch as a guide. She says that those journal entries always serve as her passage back into the moment, if and when she needs it to.

Like Sinthia, many have learned the value of the light bulb moment. They serve as evidence to how powerful the individual is. They create a positive atmosphere in which an individual can embrace the fact that they are the creator of their own destiny, and remain in the place of creation. When the atmosphere is duplicated it can serve as a short-cut back to that ideal time and place where reception is already amped up for optimum results.

As masters of creating our own reality, wouldn't it be cool to learn how to tune in to achieve all that is desired with great ease and little effort? There are many things that work for many people. The key is to find the thing, or things, as there can be more than one, that works for you. Meditation, yoga, reading, writing, journaling and listening to music are all vehicles that delivered others to their light bulb moment destinations. Many have also found that no matter the vehicle, writing it down seems to just solidify and validate the process to the mind.

These “aha moments” are amazing points in time. Like a lighthouse, they provide you with the clear vision of how to get to your destination—or goal—without crashing into the rocks along the way. Every “aha moment” provides access to getting closer to accomplishing your goal, regardless of what it is. Consider how easy achieving your goals would be if you were surrounded by the proper tools, which, in turn, made it possible for you to be receptive to the ideas that come to your mind with little or no effort. Just relax and let them flow.


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