How To Make Job Hunting Fun & Sexy

How To Make Job Hunting Fun & Sexy [EXPERT]

Discover the sexy side to your next job search!

Let face it, no one likes the daunting task of looking for a job. Job searching has been called many things, such as a marathon, a necessary evil, and a chance to better yourself. But, I'm here to say that your job search can and should be something you enjoy doing. You can make your job search a little bit sexy as well. Here are a few suggestions to make job hunting a titillating task.

Be confident and bring a sense of fun to your job search. When most people look for employment, they focus on the things that must be done immediately. Networking and resume-building are two things that every person looking for a job must do. These are two important things to do, but they certainly aren't fun. In fact, I firmly believe that resume updating has a special room in hell for those of us who frequently change jobs or are career coaches. Turn Dating Rules Into Career Success

Instead of focusing on networking and resume-writing, you should think about what you really want to do for a living. Look for a job that interests you and is in a field you are passionate about. When thinking about your next job, ask yourself if you want to explore something different in your career. Also, ask yourself where you can meet amazing people who have the same interests as you.

Always remember to be confident in the fact that you will find a job. Your sense of fun and confidence is something that will make your job search dead sexy. 

Now you are thinking, "Great, but I still have to update my resume and meet people. I cannot get around that" You are right. But, these things do not have to be something you agonize over. In fact, you might look forward to doing them. Lets start with networking. 

Networking is something that can enhance your circle of friends and people you know. Instead of feeling tense about having to go to a meeting where you do not know anyone and are forced to make awkward small talk conversation, find things that you love to do and meet people there.

Do you like running, biking or other outdoor activities? Websites can help you find meeting spots. Maybe you love to volunteer and work for charities. Facebook can be a great tool to find contact information for the organizations you are most passionate about. Stress Management: Balancing Work And Love

If you would rather go to a bar and meet people there, a website called Meetup is a great option for you. It provides users with meeting spot information at local bars in your area. Eventbrite, women and wine and your local newspaper's weekend guide are other options available for you. Stop networking as a job and start talking to people when you are out. Throw on a pair of heels, put on lipstick and wield your glass of wine with pizazz.

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