Why Dating Websites Are Better Than Single Meetup Events

My best friend who lives in Southern Florida is in her early 50’s and is ready to start dating again after losing a partner to a brain tumor. She mentioned to me that she is frustrated with the singles scene since she says the singles events and Meetups she attends are almost 70% women. She feels it’s very competitive and if there is a decent guy, all the women are vying for his attention.

I told her that when she goes to these singles events, you don’t know if someone wants a serious relationship or is a player (unless it’s a Marriage Minded Meetup!).

And yes, it’s okay to get out of the house and socialize with groups and activities. I made some of my closest girlfriends (and guy friends) when I participated in social activities groups such as the ski club, a bowling league and a biking group.

However, I recommended that she start dating online since she is looking for specific attributes that match her own and you can search for someone who appears to be serious about finding a relationship.

Online dating allows her to peruse men’s profiles and seek out those seriously minded men who share her values, interests and life goals. It’s a one to one medium and she doesn’t have to stand by the dance floor waiting for a guy to make the first move.

The baby boomers have embrased online dating and see the benefits that it presents:

You can search online 24/7 when it fits your busy schedule. This works well if you have a demanding job or if you are a single parent.

It offers convenience where you can meet a large number available, single people all from your home or office! You can be meeting people even when you are traveling away from home.

You get a lot of information about a person upfront that could take you months to find out by traditional dating.

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