What are your first date expectations?

One of the relationship questions that my clients often ask is about first date expectations. Who pays? What is my date expecting? Where should I take him or her? Is it okay to do a low cost activity? One of the rules of dating is that there is no universal answer; the best way to know your date’s expectations is to be open and honest via communication and ask him or her!

I remember the anxiety I felt when I would first start dating someone. I always felt more at ease when the man I was dating was direct and would express his feelings and thoughts on the subject. And he would ask me for my thoughts and feelings, as well. To ask your relationship questions, rather than assuming, it is best to learn a person’s expectations by asking them – straight out especially early on when you are unaware of one another’s intentions.

Asking your partner about their dating expectations is especially important since it paves the way for open communication in the relationship.

This inquiring relationship coach wants to know about your first date expectations and any other relationship questions you have. What do you expect from your partner in the very early dating days? Click on the comment link at the end of this blog post with your answers and any comments you may have on this subject. Let’s get the conversation going!

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