Are Singles Travel Groups for You?


Summer vacation time can be the perfect time to meet singles.

Most of us hard-working people look forward to our vacation time during the summer. It's a time of relaxation for some, and a change of pace from normal routines for others. No matter what vacation option you choose, it's important to be strategic about your time off from work.

I suggest you seek out opportunities where you will be with other single people in your age range. For instance, look for a singles travel group. Or look for all-inclusive resorts that attract singles such as a Club Med (not the family locations). Also, you may want to find out:

- If the age range is appropriate for you. You don't want to hang out with all 20 year olds when you are looking for a 40s and 50s crowd.

- You want to make sure the singles travel groups attract a good gender balanced mix. With tour groups, 60% women and 40% men is a good ratio!

- Make sure that there are activities planned for you to mingle and get to know many of the singles who are traveling with you.

- Seek out  singles travel groups with singles who could also be looking for a serious relationship. I don't recommend you travel alone with your single girlfriends or your married friends.

If you do travel with your gal pal in a group, don't share a room with her. I found it helpful to have my own room if possible so you can have your own down time. (Sharing close quarters could be tough on your friendship, too!) All in all, strive to have fun, widen your circle of friends and who knows, that someone special may be on the plane with you to your travel destination!

What has your experience been with traveling as a single? What has worked out best for you?

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This article was originally published at Motivated to Marry. Reprinted with permission from the author.