Don't Date With A Marriage Mind Set

Don't Date With A Marriage Mind Set

Don't rush true love or else you will ever find it.

I recommend when you are dating for marriage you have this conversation within a month of meeting someone and when you start seeing some chemistry and that the relationship has potential. I waited three months with one fellow before I had the conversation about my goal to get married and have a child. We were really getting along well. Then I found out he did not want more children, after raising four kids—which I didn’t know that fact since he told me he had two kids originally (his ex came with two young children).  Given my goal to have my own child, I had to make that difficult decision to leave that relationship.

When I met my husband Alan, I was 41 and really Motivated to Marry® an wanted to have a family. I fine-tuned my dating for marriage approach to having that conversation within a month of meeting someone. My philosophy was if the guy runs, let him!

When I mentioned my goal of wanting to get married and have a family, Alan said, "Me too!" Then I knew this relationship had potential and continued to date him.

In a healthy relationship that is a partnership, playing games are not an issue. You can call up a guy. I had a client who enjoyed a date and did call the guy up again to say, "I enjoyed our date, thank you. I would like to see you again." This man was not in the best place in his life and didn’t follow up with her first. They did go out again and now they are married!

There are some do’s and don’ts that I do share with my clients in my coaching programs, however, bottom line is that special someone has to accept you for you and appreciate who you are—the good and the bad! It’s best to find a man who is open to getting to know the real you and who shares your relationship values and life goals. Stay true to yourself, stay the course and you will eventually find true love!