5 Tips For Singles This Holiday Season

5 Tips For Singles This Holiday Season [EXPERT]
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The holidays don't have to be hell for singles.

Many singles are apprehensive about the holidays. First, they would really like to find love and not have to go through the holidays solo. They are not really looking forward to celebrating the holidays with their families and enduring their family members' inquisitions about their love lives. Besides, Aunt Jane has not been in the dating world for over 30 years!

Recently, a female client told me she doesn't want to be a "third wheel" to her married friends. She finds it hard to be around affectionate couples this time a year because it only brings home what she truly desires and how elusive it seems. What she really wants is to find love and be in a romantic relationship.

Nonetheless, for the holidays, with proper planning, you can have a happy holiday season. Here are my top suggestions:

1. Leave family out of your love life. With regards to your family gatherings, you can head those nosey (and well meaning) family members by making it be known that this is not a topic you want to be discussed and that you are here to enjoy the holidays with them.
2. Plan meaningful time with your single friends and go to fun activities that you will enjoy such as a movie, a play or concert.
3. Find singles parties to attend. There are many groups that offer them this time of year for the purpose of having singles to find love.
4. Plan to be with warm and supportive people. Stay away from negative, judgmental, scrooge-like people! Be with family and friends who you enjoy their company.
5. Volunteer with people to help others who are less fortunate. You will feel good about yourself and will meet other giving people. They may know someone to introduce you to!

These are some great ways to have a fun and fulfilling holiday season. Isn't that what the holidays are all about appreciating those in your life and spending time with them? And possibly this may be the time that you find love. Personally, I found the holidays a great time to meet men who where not attached!

Have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends!

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