How To Plan Dates On A Budget

How To Plan Dates On A Budget [EXPERT]
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Money can either make or break a good date.

One of the many services I offer to my clients is a monthly conference call. During one of these recent calls, we discussed money and dating, but more specifically, how income levels affect dating practices.

Money really helps determine what you can do on a date. Someone with a solid income will probably be more willing and able to spend a greater amount of money than someone who is trying to get on solid financial footing. 5 Signs You Are A Dating Snob

And so, one of my tips for dating is to do your planning! If you are paying for the date, know what you can comfortably afford to spend on a date and plan accordingly. It is okay if you don't have a lot to spend: there are many affordable options out there! Consider playing miniature golf, attending a free outdoor concert, visiting your botanical gardens, taking a leisurely walk in a park or a rowing a boat for a romantic date; don't forget to bring the wine!

Another tip for dating is to be sure to consider your date and his or her financial situation. If they struggle to make ends meet, will they be comfortable with a large, over-the-top date? Or will they be more comfortable at a free concert with a picnic? One of my clients met a woman he really liked and he very much wanted to impress her. So, he took her out to a very nice dinner and a show. He spared no expense and that can be overwhelming. I think his strategy backfired on him a lot because he did not consider his date and her comfort level. This varies from person to person, which is why my tips for dating include that both people needs be addressed with the date planning. Are You Ready For Marriage? 8 Ways To Tell

When planning a date, you can suggest two or three possible activities, and then ask your date which one he or she is most interested in. He or she will surely appreciate you asking for his or her input and the legwork you have done! Are You Sitting Back & Waiting For 'The One?'

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