How To Find Love In A Flailing Economy

How To Find Love In A Flailing Economy [EXPERT]

Just because your wallet is empty doesn't mean your love tank should be.

Most people I know have been affected in some way by the awful stock market and the current recession. Retirement portfolios have been slammed and we all feel less financially secure. People have been laid off from jobs and businesses have been down. Be that as it may, you still have a choice when it comes to your love life.

Do you want to be a "sad sack" with a frown on your face and look like all is lost? How attractive is that to the opposite sex? Or do you want to be positive about the future and hold the belief that you can bounce back? Most people find the later option much more attractive — especially when it's based on reality instead of just "Polyanna optimism."

Hopefully, you have taken some steps to secure your future. The stock market will eventually come back. You are being proactive about your job situation or are being creative about maintaining and growing your own business. The only catch is that we just have to live long enough to see the stock market turn around and prosperity return. Most of us are tightening our belts when it comes to finances because of this. How can you continue to date given your current financial situation? Online Dating: How To Weed Out Bad Matches

I know people who have met love partners when they were unemployed. They were positive about their future and had a plan set in place. One guy was still living at home with his parents at 38 years old; he was starting a business and this helped him save money. His girlfriend understood this, and he is now married, owns a house and has a thriving insurance business.

Another girl I know was unemployed and met a guy who was finishing law school; they were both in their late 30s. She did end up getting a new job fairly quickly, and he studied for the bar exam. She had a baby and he did the majority of the baby care while studying. Both were flexible about their roles and positive about their future. Dating Tips: Are you Haphazard Or Strategic?

So, how do you want to come across when you are out there meeting men and women to date? Do you want to be like Chicken Little expecting the sky to fall? Or do you want to heed the words of our president and work to rebuild your future?

My dating advice to you is to take into consideration that many people you meet will judge you by your attitude and your actions. What do you find attractive? Would you consider dating someone unemployed? This inquiring relationship coach wants to know!

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