Online Dating: Tips For The Wary Dater

As a dating and relationship coach that helps my clients with their internet dating strategy and one of my online dating tips is that one has to take their own precautions. You can meet people anywhere like singles events and meet unsafe people. I once had a guy stalk me after meeting me at a happy hour! For what you are paying to join an online dating site, they cannot afford to do background checks. Perhaps the sites can be added as an extra service that would require an additional fee. And many dating services and matchmakers often perform background checks on their members – although they may not have the sheer numbers to offer you that online dating sites do. One matchmaker told me that it’s very easy for someone to get under the radar even with background checks.

I know too many people including a large percentage of my clients who met their spouses online to say it’s too dangerous to do online dating and give up the effort all together. It’s a shame that one or a couple of bad apples are scaring people away from online dating.

One of my online dating tips is for my clients do a Google search and even hire their own PI if they start dating someone for both online and offline dating. I have seen several instances where nice people where bamboozled, although not life threatening. Also, you can check them out on Linked In and see if anyone you are connected with knows this person, especially if you are dating in your local area. Another one of my online dating tips is you want to take your time before meeting someone (have several email exchanges and a couple of phone calls first). I don’t know if this woman in the news did her due diligence before meeting this guy.

As they used to say on Hill Street Blues, “Be careful out there”!

Intentionally yours,

Coach Amy

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