Are You Ready For Marriage? 8 Ways To Tell

Are You Ready For Marriage? 8 Ways To Tell [EXPERT]

Ask yourself these eight questions before you tie the knot.

4. How much of your time would you be willing to devote to a life partner? What are your top priorities in your life? List your top priorities in life. If finding a marriage partner or making the most of your current relationship is one of the top two, then you are probably ready for marriage. Another client had a good job that was relatively stable and a good social life of friends. The only thing missing in his life was a marriage partner. He really wanted to settle down and have a family. He was tired of running around to singles events. This became his top priority in his life. He did end up meeting his wife at a dinner at a local synagogue. Are You Sitting Back & Waiting For 'The One?'

5. Are you willing to make the compromises to be a "we" instead of a "me?" Once you find the person you believe to be "the one," are you willing to sacrifice in order to make the relationship work? I have friends who met at a singles weekend. He was from Washington, DC and she was from Boston. The woman moved to DC and found a new job in order to have this relationship work. On the other hand, I had a male friend in New York engaged to a woman in Boston. Neither was willing to move. Needless to say, the marriage never happened.

6. Are you emotionally available for a relationship? What are the circumstances that make it difficult for you to commit to marriage right now? Have you moved on from your past divorce or most recent break up? Do you have commitments such as your children, an aging parent or the financial strain of changing careers? One of my clients did not feel comfortable dating until her last child moved out the house when she left for college. Are you truly open for dating and a serious relationship that can lead to marriage? The Go-To Dating Guide For Single Moms (And Those Who Love Them)

7. How will you know when you are ready for marriage? Trust in yourself that you will know when you are ready for marriage. "When you find that someone special, you just know," says Stanley, a man in his early forties who just got married. "There is a synergy and a flow!" If you find someone who shares your values and your life goals, you will just click with the other person. I have witnessed this time and time again with both my clients and my friends.

Some people just know that they want to be married, and for others, it takes the right person to come along. Oscar, a man in his mid-thirties, told me, "I never thought about marriage until I met my wife. I just knew she was the right marriage partner for me." Is Finding A Soul Mate Unrealistic?

One thing I've noticed is that those who are ready for marriage are tired of the dating merry-go-round. They want some kind of stability in their life. They desire to spend their energies on building a relationship and want to get beyond the "good for now" mindset.

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