5 Steps To Create Your 2013 Dating & Relationship Plan

A New Year is looming and this is a great time to get take stock of what happened for you last year.

A New Year is looming and this is a great time to get take stock of what happened for you last year with your efforts to find love. Now is a great time to work on fine tuning your dating and relationship plan to create one that will yield your desired results.

First ask yourself these questions:

1. Did I move forward with my goals to find love that I set out to achieve in 2012?
2. If I continue along with my current plans, what will be different by the end of 2013?
3. What can I start now that will help me achieve my relationship goals?
4. What new approach or methodology do I need to employ to yield better results this year?
5. What new habits will I need to adopt and practice at this time in order to reach my goals?
6. Who can help support me and hold me accountable to my goals?

So how did you do? Are you currently in a relationship? Were you in a relationship this past year, found out that it was just was not sustaining for the long haul and are out there searching again? Did you push yourself outside your comfort zone and try some new ways to meet people? I commend you for not giving up and giving it your best effort.

So here’s my Motivated to Marry Dating and Relationship Plan template for you to work on:

1. Pick a Specific Timeframe. A plan needs a specific timeframe so how long do you want to set it for? 3 months? 6 months? I suggest that range and also a time to check back monthly to revise your plan based upon your experiences. A good plan has a feedback loop so you can refine it as you implement it.
2. Get Clear about Your Ideal Life and Relationship Vision. It’s important to be able to communicate succinctly your vision and desires to others to make sure you are aligned in your vision and life goals. Also, you want to be able to share this with your network so they can help by introducing you to the right people.
3. Set a budget. How much do you want to spend on dating activities and services per month? Think about the singles events and activities, online dating fees, dating services and coaching and the costs associated with going on actual dates.
4. List Online and Offline Activities and Resources to engage in. Decide upon which activities, events and singles resources that you will enjoy attending, will be comfortable for you and will most likely find others who are also serious about looking to find love.
5. Take into account your VIPP. When deciding where to put your energy, time and resources consider your Values, Interests, Personality and Passion. This will lead you to where you may connect best with others.

After you develop your 2013 Dating and Relationship Plan, check back in a month or two and see how well your plan is working for you in order to find love. You may have to adjust your plan to once you see what does work and what doesn’t.

This article was originally published at Motivated to Marry. Reprinted with permission from the author.