Love Is In The Air: 5 Ways To Find Love This Fall

Love Is In The Air: 5 Ways To Find Love This Fall [EXPERT]

Summer's almost over. Do you have an autumn dating strategy yet?

Most of my clients live in metropolitan areas with large singles populations of all age ranges. So, when I hear a person say that they can't meet someone, I scratch my head and wonder if they just came out of a coma! You can meet tons of people in most big cities (D.C., New York, L.A., Miami, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas and Chicago), although not everyone is marriage-minded.

Here are the best ways my clients and friends meet serious, marriage-minded people for dating and eventual, long-term relationships. Be successful finding love this fall by making these five methods part of your dating plan:

1. Go online. Many people think that online dating is passé. However, at a wedding I recently attended, I sat at a table where  two couples had met online. One out of five marriages is sparked with online dating, and two thirds of my clients have met their spouses online. This method is a definite strategy to make part of your dating plans! Online Dating: How To Weed Out Bad Matches

2. Get fixed up. Who knows you better than your friends and loved ones? Most everyone knows a single person that they would love to set up. Women especially love to play matchmaker. This is a top way that people meet people, so don't be shy and ask away!

3. Attend your house of worship regularly. If you have a faith, then it is best to meet a partner who shares that faith. Your community would be only too happy to support having a couple meet at their place of worship. 5 Rules For A Stellar First Date

4. Join a group. With, Facebook groups and tons of singles event groups in your area, you can keep yourself busy every night of the week if you'd like. I don't recommend, however, spreading yourself too thin. Pick a half a dozen groups to go to regularly so people can get to know you. I have a meetup group for marriage minded singles in D.C., so if you're in that area, feel free to come check us out!

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