3 Ways to Rock Your Relationship With Your Body


If you could Feel Good in your own skin, in how many ways would THAT impact your relationship?

Ok, I can imagine that when you read the title "3 Ways to Rock Your Relationship With Your Body" you may be thinking all sorts of things! And actually, to be clear, the truth is that YES, your sex life IS a major part of a healthy relationship.

It's a way of connecting on one of the four levels any healthy relationship requires: physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

However my topic today is much larger than that. Here's what I mean:

Can you find ANY area of your life that you do NOT need your body in order to live it? (If you can please share because that means you are a non-physical being reading my article - pure Spirit!

It's easy for you to see that even when you are sleeping you still need your body, don't you. For if you did not have your body, how could you live?

Now here's the big issue: How exactly do you Feel about your body?

What about your weight?

What about your eating and exercise habits? How do you feel about ALL of these?

What is occurring, even if you have not been conscious of it until now, is The Way You Feel About Your Body and Your Weight Impacts Every Area of Your Life - Including your relationship (or lack of one if you're hiding from connecting!).

It's not like you can park your body on the side of the road like an automobile for a few hours because you feel frustrated with it and get away from it, is it.

Therefore if you feel bad about your body, about your weight, about your lifestyle habits, that "baggage" is following along with you everywhere you go. Yes, even into the bedroom!

Just imagine if you were to finally Feel Good in your own skin. What if you were carrying that gift with you every single place you go? Even into the bedroom? How comfortable and relaxed would you feel then, if you could feel good in Your Own Skin...no matter what?

Wow, that would even impact your day-to-day tasks, wouldn't it! 

Let's take a look at how to rock your relationship with your body now.

3 Ways to Rock Your Relationship With Your Body

  1. Address your Inner Self in order to Feel Good in your own skin - no matter what. While there are several specific steps you will need to take to accomplish this result since it all starts with your Inner Self (that's a big landscape!), first just imagine how wonderful your life would be if you could look in the mirror and say, "Hello Beautiful!" and mean it! Sincerely and authentically.

    One of my clients, Anna (read Anna's full feedback on this page) said exactly that about herself once she completed my step-by-step proven System to permanent weight loss, The Inner Self Diet™. A simple step to start with is to be nice to yourself now! 

    How this will Rock your Relationship: How do you behave when you Feel Fabulous in YOUR body? How much more open are you, fun, playful, and relaxed? How could Feeling Good in your own skin NOT improve your relationship?

  2. Be Your Own Best Friend. When you treat yourself like you would treat your own best friend then how much better will you feel about YOU?

    If you tend to engage in self-sabotage, negative thinking, self-abuse (worry and self-doubt will do that to you easily!), and self-criticism then you already know how bad that feels. Add on top of that the unhealthy behaviors that often spring forth such as overeating, bingeing, stuffing yourself, exericise avoidance, night eating, and more.

    Would you ever wish any of that on your own best friend?

    How this will Rock your Relationship: How would you feel if you could stop criticizing yourself, stop "beating up" on yourself, stop sabotaging yourself? If you could give to yourself everything that you would wish for your own best friend...what exactly would that do for you?

    And then, that wonderful feel-good feeling you'd have, exactly how many ways would that transformation your relationship? How much easier would it be for you to have peace of mind and trust in your relationship if you first had all of that within YOU?

  3. Get to Know YOU. Bottom line: The Relationship that ALL relationships spring forth from (and mirror!) is the relationship between YOU and YOU. Specifically the relationship between YOU and your Inner Self.

    If you like Oprah like so many millions do, you've heard her speak about The Inner Self for years as well as interview countless guests who also address this core topic! Guests such as Marianne Williamson, Iyanla Vanzant, Maya Angelou, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and many more.

    Once you experience a core, trusting, transformational relationship between YOU and YOU then all of your outer relationships will flourish. Not only the relationship with your husband or boyfriend but also your relationship with food, your own body, your friends, money, your work, and the world!

    It is literally impossible to avoid impacting all areas of your life in a positive way once YOU get right with YOU. Do this step and if you are already in a relationship you will see it improve dramatically - not because he changed but because YOU changed.

If you are not in a relationship and want one then once you form a wonderful primary relationship between YOU and YOU then you will have an enjoyable, struggle-free time meeting and dating new men. Because it will no longer matter what goes on "out there" (which you can never control anyway!) since you'll have your Core Relationship with YOU to count on.

Just imagine how good that would feel. To not only feel good being YOU but also to feel good in your own skin. This is exactly what my clients achieve when they hire me to mentor them through The Inner Self Diet™ my proven step-by-step System to permanent weight loss.

While they come to me to release their lifelong battles with their body, food, and their weight, the transformation they undergo always touches their relationships, whether that's the relationship with their husband, their children, friends, or anyone else for that matter!

How could it not when you transform your Inner Self and then you take that Wonderful YOU with you everywhere you go!

Wow, you wouldn't ever want to leave the side of that YOU, would you. Because that YOU would be treating herself with kindness, living a healthy lifestyle without struggle or  self-sabotage, and clearly her body would match all of those transformations in her Inner Self!

Truth: The Mind leads the Body. Always.

Here's to Your Best Life...IN Your Ideal Body!

JoLynn Braley
The F.A.T. Release Coach

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