Abuse / Survivors of Abuse

Years in Practice

6-10 years


New York NY 10010 - United States



Additional Expertise

Career Coach, Confidence Coach, Dating Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychologist

I Practice in

My state/province only



I Believe

"Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” - David Richo

About Claudia Giolitti

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist who specializes in helping young women who are struggling with the effects of sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, or that are lost in a difficult life transition.

I work with compassion to help you reinvent yourself by examining your most challenging past and present experiences in a safe, and accepting environment that also holds space for the discussion of different types of social oppression.

I am open minded, caring, honest, and very empathic.

I offer a highly personalized approach of therapy that only you and I can create to help you understand the real meaning behind your symptoms, and achieve the healing you are striving for. I am a sexual abuse prevention advocate and treatment expert.

Along with my License in Marriage and Family Therapy I also hold a Clinical Psychologist degree from my home country, Venezuela. I believe in the power of therapy and how it can change our lives forever!

Claudia Giolitti Success Stories

She has an holistic approach

Women involved with infidelity

"Claudia has been a guiding light, seeing me through some very difficult times. She is empowering, compassionate and empathetic. I appreciate that she is diligent with implementing new tools and methods. She has a holistic approach seeing and understanding how things are connected. I have seen her on both individual and as a couple therapist with my wife and would recommend her highly to anyone that is looking for a non judgmental, safe place to go."more

M.B - Williamsburg, NY.

She gave me the validation nobody was giving me

Women with mental illness

"I came to Claudia at a time where I was struggling with immense anxiety. Through her nurturing, compassionate, and understanding guidance we were able to figure out where my anxiety stemmed from. Claudia gave me something I could never get from family or friends- She gave me validation. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, that was all I could ever need. I would leave her sessions feeling empowered, in control and confident. I don’t think I could have become the woman I am today with out her. She has truly changed my life. Thank you Claudia!"more

G.J - New York, NY.

She guided me in a way that helps me grow and that I always feel safe

Men seeking a relationship

"Working with Claudia is an absolute pleasure. She is direct, gentle, supportive and empathetic. She has an amazing ability to guide me in a way that helps me grow and that I always feel safe. With Claudia’s help I have been able to experience things in a way that I have always known were possible, but had not been able to achieve. A testament to this is that I have encouraged and successfully had at least 4 friends who also see Claudia. She is truly amazing."more

M.L - New York, NY