Where Your Potentially Great Date Went Wrong

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You can turn every date, even if you're in a relationship, into a positive experience with one tool.

Becoming a savvy dater and partner takes time and a tool box full of skills, but sometimes just one quick gender-based tip can start to change up your whole experience right away. We're going to share our favorite tip to have great dates. This tip is so easy anyone can put it into action today. Read on to see the tip work in two different scerios. 

Scenario one: You've been looking forward to a date with a new guy you met online all week. You can't wait to see how much you have in common and if he's really as great of a catch in person as he is on paper.

In person you're delighted to find he's as cute as he was in his photos.The excitement and expectations build, but then he can't stop bragging and talking about himself. You keep trying to connect and find things in common with him, but he cuts you off. The conversation gets awkward and it doesn't feel like he wants to know anything about you. The date ends without another date planned and you feel disappointed.

You go home and start looking at your other options online, but it is getting tiring. Will you ever find your match? You ask yourself: "Why was he bragging instead of getting to know me?" 

Scenario two: What if you and your wife are out to a nice dinner. It has been a while since you stepped away and went on a date. You're so relieved to have her all to yourself and away from the house and kids for a few hours. She's so beautiful and sexy; you could just eat up her energy from across the table. 

And then, she starts talking and telling you story after story about things that don't make much sense. There's no point to the story and every time you try to find the point or help her with the obvious problem she just gets upset. You're quick to back down because when she's upset there's no getting lucky with her at the end of the night.

Why did we just spend $100 for dinner out to just end up in the doghouse again? You ask yourself: "Why would she spend our romantic time alone talking about things that don't matter?"

There is a good reason why men and women talk to you the way they do. You have the power to have a great date by making one small and easy shift. How you listen is the key to win in dating and mating!

The Great Date Tool That Works At Any Stage Of Dating Or Mating

Become a listener instead of a talker on dates. It doesn't mean you don't talk at all, it just means you shift your primary goal from talking to listening. Listen to a man or woman how they desire to be listened to.

Come learn more about how men and women want to be listened to by grabbing a copy of our free mini course: Get Dates or Re-Ignite Your Relationship with 3 Must Have Tools for Men and Women. The end result could be another date or a really nice end to an evening because they experienced more attraction and or connection.

You can't control how someone else is being; however, you can respond to them differently. We've found that when we make our primary focus on a date to listen, then our date or mate shifts how they are talking and connecting with us. 

We'd be honored to have you join our tribe of men and women who want to get, have and keep great relationships. We share our free mini course with you for joining and in it we' share the way men and women want to be listened to and why they talk the way they do. Understanding these differences can empower you to get dates or re-ignite your relationship. This is exactly how we have helped countless men and women and ourselves get more of what we want!

This article was originally published at Claudette & Shelley. Reprinted with permission from the author.