Is Divorce The Only Solution To Marital Problems?

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Marriage isn't easy, but that doesn't mean you can't work things out.

Bankruptcy attorneys often report that they will see couples on the verge of divorce at the beginning of the process who often reconcile once the bankruptcy is over and the burden of debt is lifted. However, it is unknown how many couples continue to blame each other and eventually get divorced.

5. Lack of respect. Happy couples respect one another's differences. They trust one another's opinions and are able to sit down and discuss their differences without blame or accusations. To disrespect your spouse devalues him as a human being. When you disrespect yourself, you continue to allow other people to disrespect you.

Disrespect can arise in situations of verbal or physical abuse. People with addictions are often self-absorbed and disrespect those closest to them.

It is possible to save your marriage even if you are beginning to experience insurmountable marital problems. To do this, you must begin to work on the only thing that you have the capability of changing: your own attitude, actions and beliefs. On the other hand, if you have decided that divorce is the answer, you will want to contact an attorney to understand all of your legal rights and find a good support group consisting of family, friends and a divorce coach.

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