Is Divorce The Only Solution To Marital Problems?

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Marriage isn't easy, but that doesn't mean you can't work things out.

2. Lack of quality time. Couples that affirm they are in a happy, fulfilling relationship often share regular date nights with one another. This helps to keep the spark of passion and love burning. It is a time that they put everything and everyone else aside to remain friends and enjoy one another's company.

Couples that are caught up in the hectic routine of everyday life often put their marriage at the end of their massive to-do list. They justify it by saying, "There is just not enough time to allocate quality time with my spouse." They begin taking each other for granted. This creates feelings of being unappreciated, unloved and unwanted. In time, the mere thought of spending time with the spouse brings up feelings of dread.

3. Lack of intimacy. Couples that remain in love enjoy being close to each other. They typically are satisfied with their sex life and enjoy cuddling and kissing. Being intimate is more than having sex. These are the couples that you see walking down the street holding hands or gazing into each other's eyes during dinner.

When you begin to feel unattractive to your spouse, your self-esteem begins to wane. This causes some people to look elsewhere. Some people will withhold intimacy or sex as a form of punishment. Women sometimes report that they refuse to have sex with their partner because they do not want him to bring home any diseases.

4. Lack of money. There are as many extremely poor couples that are happy and in love, as there are rich people. Having money or not having money does not equate love. Their marriage is based on trust and respect. They consult each other regarding monetary issues and live within their means.

Once couples begin arguing about money, they enter into a cycle of blaming each other for their problems. Money problems may arise because of a job loss, medical bills, gambling or unwise spending. Neither the husband nor the wife takes on the responsibility to look the problem squarely in the eye and determine ways to correct it. Keep reading ...