7 Ways A Divorced Woman Can Celebrate Valentine's Day


Fun and creative ways to celebrate the day of love so that you do not sit at home wallowing.

If this is your first year being single after years of being married, don’t sit at home wallowing in the what if’s or if only’s decide to take charge of your life, get out and do something fun just for yourself.

Valentine’s Day does not just have to be about romantic love, you can celebrate the love of your family as well as self-love.

Here are 7 Ways a Divorced Woman Can Celebrate Valentine's Day:

1. Have a date with your children, regardless of their age. Let them choose where to go for dinner as well as what movie to see. There are numerous places you can go with your children, such as the park, beach, a theme park, arcades, miniature golfing or a museum. If your children are older, consider going to a concert with them.

2. Have a date with your parent(s). If you have both parents, you can make their Valentine’s Day extra special by making them a special meal with candlelight and bake or buy them a cake. If your parent is single, go out with them. It is a great time to laugh, talk, and bond with each other as parent and child.

3. Visit a hospital or nursing home. You can take them small gifts or just visit. If you choose to take gifts, be sure to check with the facility to make sure the patients can have them. Gift ideas include a single flower or a small heart sachet. Ask the nurses which patients get the fewest visitors and could use some good cheer. Another idea is to go to facility as a group and put on a play or sing for the patients.

4. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Soup kitchens have an abundance of volunteers during November and December and then the volunteers begin to dwindle in January. Giving and helping others always makes a person feel better about themself.

5. Go out with other single friends. You can go out with both men and women as long as you are all unattached. Another idea is to have a party for single friends only. It is a great way to mingle and meet new people. Being with a group of people will give you an array of topics to discuss.

6. Buy yourself a new outfit or a sexy teddy – just for you! You deserve to feel beautiful and sexy even if you are just sitting at home indulging in your favorite chick-flick while eating Chinese take out or chocolates.

7. Treat yourself to a spa day complete with a facial, manicure, pedicure and massage. Enjoy being pampered. You could also choose to get a new hairdo or color your hair. It could be a lot of fun to do this with a good friend. After you have spoiled yourselves, watch a good movie or go out to dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Regardless of what you do, it should be about what you want. Do something that will make you feel good. Love yourself because YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

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