Lube Gives Love a Bad Name

Lube Gives Love a Bad Name

Maybe you're like me and you use to think you HATE lube. I know I thought I hated it for years and years and avoided it at all costs. The lubes I had tried on occasion left me feeling itchy, uncomfortable and like I had to jump out of bed and into the shower to wash it all off.

What I did not understand at the time was that those lubes were filled with things like parabens, flavoring, sugar derivitives, scent and preservatvies. Most lube manufacturers assume we may want a lite flavoring to our lubricants because they know when we're having great sex, sometimes lube gets in our mouths.

Fortunately for all of us, there are lubricant companies who now pay attention to what they put in their lubricants. These companies know that glycerin and other sugar derivitives can cause a yeast infection in women or just make us feel itchy and uncomfortable.

I was in the sex toy industry about three years when I finally discovered a couple of brands of lubricant that I LOVE. And, now I am coaching women to think about adding a lube into your sex life just as if you would add any other luxury product into your love live.

It wasn't until I personally discovered a Preservative Free, Fragrance Fee and Flavor Free lube did I finally give lube another chance. You know, for women, all kinds of things can make it difficult for us to lubricate. When we have too much caffiene, when we take allergy pills and even when we are not getting enough rest - it affects our ability to get wet enough for penetration.

A woman I met at one of my pleasure parties told me about the Pjur Eros Silicone Bodyglide. Once I tried a teeny tiny little drop of the Silicone Lube, I know I found something golden. I bought some and tried it and was totally blown away by it.

Discovering this Pjur Eros lube led me on an interesting adventure into the wonderful world of sex lubricants. It got me interested in GREAT lubes! And, even though I often don't NEED a lubricant, I have found that it can be VERY VERY nice to add in a lube to whatever you are doing sexually.

Eros silicone bodyglide is my all time favorite, there are additional companies that make female friendly lubes. A company called Sliquid that makes an organic and even Vegan lube! There is another company called Good Clean Love, too. Both companies are mindful of the delicate PH balance of the vagina. And, there is even a lube made with Aloe Vera from a company called Aloe Cadabra.

The good news is that we now have options. And, if you are like me and you pretty much gave up on lubes many many years ago, be open and try some of these new(newer) lubes that are BODY FRIENDLY and CONDOM FRIENDLY and you may be pleasantly surprised by some of these luxury lubes that are designed to make you sex life be plush and luxurious - just like great sex should be.