If you are bored with your sex life, then do something about it now

3 Ways to Beat the Boredom in your own Boudoir.

It's my opinion, if you are feeling like things are a little stale in your own love life, your partner is likely bored, too.

If you want to bring back that sizzle and zesty sex life you two use to have, then find some way to bring back that element of surprise, freshness and newness.

Based on my experience talking to thousands of women about their sex lives, I have created a few ideas about how you might give your love life a little bit of a jump start. If you have additional ideas that have worked for you, please comment here with you suggestions,too!

1. Put the kids to bed, lock the bedroom door and snuggle in your bed with your laptop and your sweetie…..and browse a website like www.BlissConnection.com together with your paramour. When you do that, you get to shop together and see what interests your partner. You can also drop some major hints as to what interests you, too. Fun way to get to know what tickles the fancy of your partner! Maybe even order something to build up some anticipation and re-live all of the fun when the item arrives.

2. Just for kicks, try having sex in your backyard or your office. Maybe even the shower or the kitchen. CHANGE IT UP! How about the laundry room or the garage? Take a shower together. Let him or her soap you up! Go into the garage and get in your backseat of your car in your garage and pretend like you’re teenagers again. How about some dry humping, making out and an h.j.?

Most couples get stuck in a RUT at some point. Almost all couples have a “dance” that they do over and over and over. It gets boring and tedious for both of you. Try something different. Little things can make all the difference….leave your panties on while you have sex. Stand up in front of the mirror. Do something out of character to bust you out of your ROUTINE. We all need variety. Do you normally “start” by giving him oral? How about starting with a little attention to his nipples instead?

3. Take responsibility for the boredom in the bedroom and be the one that does something about it. More then likely, if you are bored so is your partner. Be the partner who buys a new book on lovemaking. Talk with your partner about it. Tell him or her you are worried that your love life is getting stale and you want to be the one that does something about it. Sometimes that could be enough to get both of your imaginations going. Go buy a new toy, a new book, take a field trip to the romance store, organize a NO KIDS night, schedule a massage for your partner, send a text message to him in the a.m. telling him you are feeling amorous….. build up some tension, anticipation and take charge. It is always sexy when one person takes charge!

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