4 Sex Tips for Men


Google PORN FOR WOMEN some time. You know what you will find? Sexy pics of men cleaning the toilet, folding laundry, unloading the dishwasher.....YES. We find that HOT HOT HOT. We call it "choreplay" rather then "foreplay." A woman who feels bitter and tired is not going to be that scorching hot VIXEN in the bedroom you are dreaming of. If you help her out a bit more with the kids, the house, or whatever is stressing her out - she will have more space in her brain to think creatively and plan romantic or kinky nights of fun for the two of you. I hear it over and over again, gents. They are too tired to remember to put on lingerie or plan a naughty date night...so help some more and it will go a LONG way to a more satisfied and less bitter sex partner.

3. MORE ORAL for her and if she is really really not comfortable with receiving (i mean she is truly not comfortable) then you must insist that you always give her an orgasm first and then you have yours or have one together later. (We know you will get yours one way or another.) Most women need a warm up. We are teenaged girls at heart.

4. MORE KISSING We like to kiss, make out, dry hump, you have to engage our brains in this endeavour. Our mouth is the closest sex organ to our brain...use it for more then just recieving oral. Be sure to utilize our mouth, neck, ears, brain, and give us an orgasm first. I am sure you have noticed on more then one occasion that women become MUCH more expressive and responsive to hot sex once they've had one small orgasm. (We tend to get enthusiastic once we have been included in the process! Think ravenous, vampy, nasty wife here, guys. Especially if you are kissing her neck saying sweet and naughty things in her ear. Women are AURAL men are VISUAL.)

I have a theory that women who say they are not comfortable with receiving oral sex are really saying "i am not comfortable just receiving" and are not comfortable being "selfish" and just receiving your oral gift. (Obviously, some women just hate it for whatever reason.) But, most women have a difficult time just TAKING. (I said TAKING not TALKING! LOL.) Think about your own relationship. I bet the "score" is way out of whack and you have received MUCH MORE oral then you have given. I hear it constantly at the parties when I am alone with the girls taking their orders. "Oh I am much more comfortable giving then receiving" and when I really drill down and start asking the questions, it turns out they just don't know how to relax and receive this lovely gift. Giving a woman oral sex is one of the easiest ways to give her an orgasm. Most women can't have an orgasm during intercourse unless their clitoris is stimulated at the same time. 95% of women have 98% of their orgasms from clitoral stimulation. ORAL SEX IS ALL CLITORAL STIMULATION so get to work, boys! It's going to come back to you- I promise. Pay it forward. Oral sex is one of the HIGHEST compliments you can give your lover.

So let's review (I am in naughty teacher mode today I think) , COMPLIMENT her sincerely alot so she knows you think she is hot. BUILD HER CONFIDENCE. HELP HER more so she is not so tired and bitter all the time. KISS HER and give her MORE ORAL or atleast the first orgasm and then see what happens! Reply to my blog and let me know if my plan worked for you!
Those are 4 SUPER easy things to do to improve your sex life. I know it will pay off