Why Can't Men Handle My Job?

Couple Tension

I never thought living my dream would be a problem with dating, but oh has it been a whirlwind!

I never thought I would have to be afraid of telling someone I am interested in what I do for a living. Being a relationship, sex coach, and writer I would think would be a great thing for men since they think about it all day long. But apparently if I write about my relationships, mind you I am not using names, it becomes a huge issue. 

I am starting to think that maybe the men I am picking are insecure about what I could write about them? Or maybe they just think I am a whore because I write about blow jobs, sex, and how to pleasure your mate. I have never cared what people have thought about me, but it is getting a bit ridiculous that here I am living my dream and I have to apologize for it? I don't think so. I think I need to start making better choices on who I date. Because if someone was living their dream job whatever it may be I would be supportive and happy for them. Why is it so hard for people to be appreciative of others successes?

Everyone knows I am a writer. I write about everything in my life and I leave no stone unturned. And since they knew that before getting involved with me I don't understand why weeks or months down the road it becomes a problem? It's not like I am naming names or their penis size, or any personal stuff that they tell me. 

I just do not understand why some can not just be happy for others for doing what they always wanted to do? I am always supportive of all my friends and acquaintances and I would hope for the same from them. Because at the end of the day whether they are in it for the long haul or not my career will remain the same, it just may not be with the same guy.

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